Iron Man combos THAT are NOT Krispykreme! video

I think KK is a bit meh at the heat of the match as a go to combo.

post more later and the are a couple video on nico

The unoptimal combos you should never use thread!

Nigga please

I could post 50 different variations of combos that do more damage than the Krispy Kreme, but in the end they would all be completely pointless since none of them could confirm from the same distance.

If damage is that much of an issue, you can finish the KK with sj.m,m,h,u+h xx adu, sj.m,m,d+h,s for an extra 22k when near the corner.

Remember that as a support character you’re going to be using X Factor with Iron Man quite a bit, and in level 2 or level 3 X Factor Iron Man’s X Factor loop is based on the krispy kreme which you are able to confirm from further away thanks to his speed boost into a meterless kill combo that kills very fast. Using unoptimal (shitty) combos when you need to kill as fast as possible and bank a ton of meter is only hurting you in the long run when your shit is based off c.M, S.

Haha Milf you should never say anything bad about the kk combo cause all iron man players will just look at you as a bad iron man player. This is marvel be creative! every character in the game has unnecessary combos which are fun to go for when your just playing casuals. iron mans should just accept any tech unnecessary or impractical thats how characters grow every player has a different play style. look at the spideys coming up with them 7-8 web throw combos one day those will be BNBs . The krispy kreme will always be iron man ground bnb though. shit i bet i could come up with some fun xf combos with iron man but i dont wanna post them cause people will just say " unoptimal (shitty) " . Duck i wouldnt mind seeing them 50 different variations dood