Iron Fist Video Thread - Enter the Way of the Dragon with Fist of Fury

Sorry I don’t know any Iron Fist quotes so enjoy me fitting a bunch of Bruce Lee film titles into the same sentence.

POST SOME VIDS :nunchuck:


Thanks for putting my video here, X.

The vid is crazy informative. So tricky, it’s like a bunch of feints.

Another BNB Good damage


You can also connect a Fists of Fury after another Fists of Fury wallbounce, by putting in a qcf+M in the middle.

Basically, Fists of fury (wallbounce) -> qcf+M xx Fists of Fury

It works the same as Spirit of the Dragon, but Spirit does more damage. However, fists of fury works better if you want to DHC into hypers like Charging Star.

Hey you might wanna put the vids in spoilers, one for combos, one for matches and maybe one for guides. Just an idea cause the first post will get a little silly 6-7months down the line.

It will get silly in one month, sir.

lol of course, my bad.


If you’re near the wall after the air combo you can link qcb m - qcf h - qcf m xx fists of fury.

Lol, sick combo.
Looks like Iron Fist and Spencer are a great pair.

Finally! Someone unlocked that 1 million damage goodness.

Notation please?

Awesome, too bad I don’t like Spencer at all

With a corner combo you can get around 1,025kk starting powered up without assists.

The notation would be j. S, H, f. H, :lk:,:mp:, power up, H, c.H, f.H, j.H, j. S, H, c.H , f.H, :hk:,:hp:, power up, :mk:,:lk:,:hp:, Fists of Fury, Spirit of the Dragon

Tomorrow I’ll try to use assists to get a higher damage.

A couple of us were running with Iron Fist on this stream yesterday


4 meters and an xfactor does not make it a bread and butter : P

Just like I’ve been saying.
Good thing I like Spencer.

I think that another reason why you would want to do SotD over FoF after the wallbounce is because it leaves them closer to you, which is always good.