Irish Evo Qualifier Tournament - June 18th, 2011 - The Exchange Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland


1st Stevo
2nd Hound
3rd Azza
4th Blag
5th Dreddy
5th Gram0
7th Roogle
7th Sagat
9th Ramza
9th Doom
9th Doyler
9th Sairus
13th Ken
13th AJ
13th Onion
13th Worst Gief Ever


1st Onion
2nd Blinn
3rd Voa
4th Dwy
5th Doyler
5th Ark Nutrient
7th PPC
7th Kanped
9th Doom
9th Owwmykneecap
9th 7NationArmy
9th Bourke
13th Mart0
13th Dan
13th Dreddy


1st Voa
2nd Joe Black
3rd Batman
4th Orim


1st Sean
2nd Silver Steez
3rd BilledPeat
3rd Scorcio HK7
5th Hound
5th Hardter
5th Kanped
5th Owmykneecap
9th Fergus
9th Batman
9th Sairus
9th Robnoll
9th Frost Ninja
9th Ensor 08
9th Orim
9th Generic Name

The final of SSF4-AE was pretty epic


You can catch all the rest of the match’s from all the other games at the youtube page below

Haha, Game 3 was too good; I don’t think anyone knew what to do!