Iran & N. Korea, declaring they have "common enemies", agree to cooperate in technology and science

Well then. World War III, anybody?

awww snap.

“The enemy of your enemy is your friend”

I swear to god if some shit happens by December 21 I will without hesitation eat my hat.

Well this explains my affinity for Korean food

kind of hard not to have a common enemy when everyone hates you already

What does North Korea actually bring to the table aside from E. Coli? They couldn’t even get that rocket launch right. Unless they were faking it to play possum which would be some next, next, next level yomi shit. Still though that doesn’t mean they’re to be dismissed.

Satellite/GPS jamming technology which can render radars offline for hours at a time, nukes, a shadow alliance with China, and nerves of steel.
Those are aces, in my book, though not a full hand.

Oh great, do they hate our freedoms too? We’ll never give them up or live in fear, except when we actually do both of those things.

Aww yeah!
We just need to get China up in this ish and we can finally get some justice in this world.
Burn them to the ground, dynamic duo. Burn them to the ground.

Seeing that I’m completely ignorant when it comes to these things, I’ll just say that it sounds interesting despite it being a good time to educate myself. :coffee:

How much technology does N. Korea have?

Two shitty, undeveloped countries banding together. I am so scared.

Ive read that they have massive underground tunnels that let them pop-up right in SK backdoor, custom made tanks for mountains, nukes (proven multiple times).

Basically Iran has probably noticed that once you get the bomb, you can talk all the shit you want and the US wont do a thing, like NK has done for the past half to full decade. although the only wild card is israel. Iran keeps egging them on to make the first move. And they just may say fuck it and pop the top off this shit. Est of 400 nukes in israels undeclared arsenal, banking control, top weapons and secret service agents make it a dangerous enemy. We (the us) would just bomb the fuck out of you from afar, the star, not so much. Theyll methodically break you.

Both of these nations have 1950’s technology, what can they really do?

My question is what will Israel’s response be? These idiots are pissed of that America is paying more attention to its own domestic issues than on them.

TBH, the more attention America/West pay attention to these “alliances”, the more it looks like pre WW1 stage.

Iran isn’t technologically backwards. They have a lot of bright minds working in the country. So much so that the Israelis (though they deny it) have sent over the Moussad to kill important scientists in the country working on its nuclear programs. Remember the motorcyclist pair last year who stuck a bomb on a car carrying one of the directors of the program, sped off, and blew him up? Yeah. North Korea can benefit by having such an ally in the pocket, though Iran has its own problems what with its sanctions and all. Ahmadinejad won’t want to do something as reckless as attack anyone as his country had to apply for a special exemption from the sanctions because Iran is hurting. This can all change of course if the Supreme Ayatollah decides he wants put his country in harm’s way if he dares attack Israel.

Kim Jun-un may just be solidifying his foundation of power. He needs to, really. Though he has China (and possibly Russia?) he really is sitting alone until the South Koreans and Americans can swoop in to unite the nation. Let him flex a bit, his daddy used to so he thinks it’s fine. As soon as he’s a threat, though, Japan and S. Korea will drop the reality hammer on him and China will be reluctant to retaliate in fear of hurting their weakening economy.

But this is all just a guess. I have no qualifications to back any of this up.

dont worry everyone, the aliens will stop it

Wow, I can tell Sean Hannity and Fox News haven’t influenced the younger generations too bad. If this were my Corvette forum occupied by 90% older white males, this would have been a whole page of “Fuck that Kenyan Chimp in Chief Obama for letting this happen”.

Good show, srk, you know when to not have your head up your ass at times.

Lub joo mang, no homo.

Sunburn missle. google that shit. supposedly getting the s3 AA missles from russia. Basically this is pre-ww3 positioning.

Iran-allies with venezuela, china, syria, russia, north korea, nicaragua (this makes me sad), hamas, hezbollah, pakistan? iran (through religious proxy?)
Israel allies-USA, Germany, UK, maybe a couple more pro western euro countries (netherlands, italy,) possible egypt, and turkey (but they are suspect.
If Iran and Israel go at it, we HAVE to back up the star out of treaty. if we dont, best believe we are gonna catch hell for it. germany has been GIVING away technology to the israelies that has been upgraded. Tech wise the star has the advantage, BUT

Nobody really gives a shit about the military aspect when it comes to Iran. The only people who think they won’t be pounded into the ground are the Iranians. Nobody is going to help them outside of the groups already fighting with us (terrorist groups and “half of Pakistan.”) The main reason nobody wants to wipe Iran off the map is because of what happens afterwards: terrorism goes way up, stability in the region goes way down, balance of power shifts for US/China/Russia, everyone loses money, another game of “set up a new government in a place where it’s normal to stone people to death”,even more weapons flying around in stone people to death land, and nuclear material flying around in stone people to death land now too.

Everyone else tried to play chicken just so the status quo would stay as is, but unfortunately, Iran is run by a couple of lunatics. So something is gonna give in eventually.