iPW SSF4 Match-up Guide (+ videos)

Hey, hope you guys dont mind a little self promotion but I figure many of you will find this useful. We teamed up with http://www.SF4Tube.com to bring a new addition to our Super Street Fighter 4 Guide – match up videos!

Click here to access the Super Street Fighter 4 Strategy Guide

The way it works is you can go to any character and view matches of them versus any other character in the roster. What to see Akuma vs Dudley matches? Go to akuma’s page and choose Dudley’s profile image to view all the matches!

We’ve tested this on all the browsers available so far and it seems to work well but if you guys run into any bugs or have any suggestions on how to make this feature better let us know.

Contributing to the Guide

Many people have asked how to add more information to these guides and it is typically best to leave a comment in each characters section with relevant info. The staff goes through the comments each week and adds them to the guide so again this is probably the best way to get new info to us. Right now there is only two of us working on the guide and due to the scope of the project we are bound to miss some things so any additional info is much appreciated.

We take the organization and layouts of these guides very seriously, so if you’re interested in becoming a full-time editor for the guides, send me a PM with writing samples and a some info about yourself and I’ll consider setting you up an account.

Sounds great but are the players any good?

Also I was looking at the pictures for character normals and you skipped all the close range normals.


The videos are ones that are currently on YouTube so you’ll find a lot of Japanese players and what not – I’ve looked through them and most of the matches are pretty good imo, check it out and let me know.

We have some of the close range normals but not all of them. We cover their uses in text if they are important but not pictures – taking screenshots takes forever. :frowning:

DUDE!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! I desperately needed this!

Time to check out some Cammy vs. Balrog.

This is so cash.

Cool resource. Stickied up.

Where is the matchup selector? O_O
The guide is very nice, even though it misses the matchups. (at least for cammy).

It’s located on each characters page under the basic info table.

Cheers, excellent resource for the lesser known matchups! How do folks contribute or is it controlled by the iplaywinner team (definetly better for keeping the more popular channels quality up for sure)?

Edit: Oh cool via http://www.sf4tube.com/ for vids

This is FuriousRGD from IPW. We will be adding close range normals. I think we can manage to get it to still look good with 1 more image per row. We’ll get that added in the future for sure!

Now we have INFO on close range normals for most characters, but we just don’t have the pics. As stated, it will be added. Should be fairly painless to do, but we have so much on our plate right now with the guide that it may come later down the line. We’d rather keep adding more features, matchup info, etc before doing that.


@Glasgowkiss, anybody can contribute anything, no matter how small. Matchup info too is what we’d like to collect, but really anything that ISNT on the guide and you think should be, we’d love to get it! Best ways to do it are to either post it in the comments for the last week’s IPW Guide update (made every Friday) or you can send an email to tips@iplaywinner.com.

WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF why am I the Dudley in 2 of the 3 Dudley vs Sagat vids ._.

Take it as a compliment. :slight_smile:

Super slick Haunts, good stuff.

I especially like Dee Jay’s page - Weaknesses: N/A. Because really, even if you beat him at street fighter Dee Jay is still the real winner.

Cause it’s on YouTube so they can put it on the site if they want of course :smiley:

Be proud.

Quote from Abel’s section about Marseilles Roll:

He can actually be thrown out of any part of the roll, not just the recovery. Great work so far though, keep it up!

Like the above. How do we add to the site? Theirs quite a number of info missing but then again its not SRK.

If you would like to contribute to the guide it’s typically best to leave a comment in the characters respective section – we add in new info from users on a weekly basis or so. We would love more info on the guides of course os anything you guys can add is much appreciated. Right now there is like only two of us whoa re doing the majority of the work on the guides so we are bound to miss things.

We take the organization and layout of the guides very seriously on our site, so if you’re interested in becoming a full-time editor, send me a PM with writing samples and a bit of info about yourself and I’ll consider it.

I dropped a comment/correction in the Ryu section. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for anything else. Thanks a ton for this, guys, It’s awesome and means a lot to us!

Good stuff Hants. I showed this to a friend of mine and it has helped out tremendously.

unless he’s getting his ass beat, which is why i imagine he’s complaining lol