iPlayWinner Presents - Shadowbrooke ON NOTICE - SSF4 - Aug 29th

iPlayWinner Presents - Shadowbrooke ON NOTICE - SSF4 & More Singles Tournaments

We’re bringing back tournaments at Shadowbrooke Games on more or less a weekly basis while being considerate and aware of other events that may be going on – please check this post for the upcoming schedule. If you happen to be planning a tournament or event around the same time, please PM me so we can work something out. Our main goal is to give NorCal players a high quality tournament experience every week.

Initially we are looking at just Super Street Fighter 4, but if there is enough interest from the Tekken and BlazBlue: CS community we will work on getting those games in as well.


**Sunday, August 29th 2010 - SSF4


**Shadowbrooke Games **
1800 Monument Blvd Suite M
Concord, CA, 94520

Shadowbrooke Games | Facebook

Shadowbrooke Games

Questions about the stream and/or event: admin@iplaywinner.com



Best 2/3, Double Elimination – All the Standard Rules

ENTRY: $12 – $7 dollars goes to the pot, the other $5 to Venue & Media fees.



Tournament starts at 2:00PM.

70/20/10 Payout


Live stream provided by iPlayWinner.com. VODs and Recordings with Commentary will be available after each tournament.

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Definitely will be there, to play and work that acoustic-to-electric transducer, a.k.a. talk shit on the internet with a microphone.

Will be in attendance!

I’ll try to make it for sure

sweet, party time

bring it back bring it BACK

Everyone is on NOTICE!!

which console is the tourney being played on? I didn’t see it mentioned in the first post…


GOOD. Then I’m going to be THAT GUY who brings his 360 stick to a tournament even though we all know tourneys are played on PS3 :smiley:

It will be a mix of systems but probably more favored towards PS3 if we can help it. XBOX360 ON NOTICE.

Microsoft on Blast!

xbox 360 xbox 360 COME ONNNN

360 pad players on notice.

Hey guys wsup! I just wanted to let everybody know about this big Tournament in Bloomington, Minnesota. Aug. 14th This is my girl’s 1st time on camera! so be nice!


We want to get as many ppl to come out and support our event!

I’ll definitely try to make this!

hey haunts is it cool i bring my 360 to help out

grimmz, sure thing.

will do sir

Haunts: Brian…

Brian: Yes Mi lord?

Haunts:Bring that xbox…

Brian: Work,Work…