Iori KOF 98 keyboard execution assistance

I’m trying to do Iori’s f+2xa (Ge Shiki Yumebiki). How do I execute two punches simultaneously on keyboard? I’m also wanting to combo this into his rekkas.

One other question, can you recommend characters that are particularly keyboard friendly, or good choices for a beginner to learn the game? Really appreciate any help.

been a long time since I played on keyboard, even longer since I played KOF…

I’d personally just re-map the keys to something that feels good, since most “standard” keyboard layouts make zero sense to me.

Fighting games aren’t really designed with keyboards in mind, so recommending a key friendly character is tough. Once you get your keyboard set up, I’d just play with characters until you find one you like.

Thanks DQ, maybe I can map a button to 2x light punch?

Eh, I’m not sure if that can be set up in the game without software. Typically if a game wants to see you hit two punch buttons, you just hit any two punch buttons at the same time. If it specifies a certain punch button, then it might just need to be hit twice in succession, or you have to make sure one of your punches is a light punch.

I’d start by mapping your keyboard so that you can easily hit multiple punch/kick buttons at the same time. KOF is not very friendly move execution wise, but practice and a decent layout should make it possible to see the move fire a few times.