Invincibility during throws?

OK I am just wondering dose Dan have invincibility during this throws? or something like that? earlier I was playing against a dhalsim player and executed a throw right after he had launched his Ultra. Dan just simply when right through it this happened 2 twice during the match.

So dose Dan have some sort of invincibility during this throws or did I simply got lucky with the throw?

Everyone is invulnerable during a successful throw animation. Questions like this should go in a discussion thread as not to clutter the super busy Dan forums.

My sarcasm detector went off, thats just low man…low. Were the few and the proud.

I prefer to consider that the Saikyo Spirit in me; completely unaware of the real outside world, this place is super busy compared to, say, three grains of sand. Or a statue.

More busy than the Gen forums (probably)! I hear the Gen forums is where the locked & 09’er threads get moved to. gasp Haha.

About the same amount of threads but Gen has 1,000 more posts :arazz: