Introduction/getting into fighting games 2.0

Note: I wasn’t sure which category to make this, but I got told I should put it in newbie saikyo dojo.

Hello everyone! I decided to join this forum just because I can. Plus I just got my own fighting stick. So far I’m really happy with it! I got it for fighting games but also for games that are just a bit arcade-ish like shmups, games such as Pac-Man and so forth. I’m excited to get better at using an fight/arcade stick, and getting better at fighting games. I’ll include a picture of my stick.

What fighting games are you playing? Are you looking for help? The purpose of this thread confuses me…

It’s just more of an introductory thing.

What has it been like so far for the games like Pacman and stuff? This is why I’m hunting a stick too. All the games I love need a joystick damn it

The link is broken. :pensive: