Intro Music

Ok. I’m going to start the Evo Finals 2007 Intro music thread. Since I handle this part of the finals year after year, I would like to get a heads up on the music you want for your intro. What you need to supply me with is simple:

Handle you will use at EVO - Name (first or last or both)
Artist - Title
Beginning and End time of the portion you want played (Min:Sec).
A link or source to the file you are using. No spyware/porn sites please. You can PM me the link as well.

I can probably get the songs myself, but people rip/create different files. Some with no silent heading, some with silent heading, etc. So if you provide me the file and the begin/end time, you will make this much easier for me. If you can edit the portion you want and make it into a smaller file, you will get a big thank you and a handshake from me at EVO. I may even autograph you badge card. If you need a program, I recommend Audacity. It’s free.

If you are planning to make it to the finals for more than one game and want different music for each game, then you need to specify the game. I also have no idea how intros will work or how long they will be. When selecting your clip, take into consideration that the intro may be short and last only 30 seconds. You know how we are when it comes to time during the finals.

ShinJN - Jimmy Nguyen

The Game - Put You On The Game - CvS2
00:00 - 00:45

Michael Jackson - Bad - VF
01:08 - 01:38

Master List of People and Songs (will be updated as replies come in):

Dios <-X-> Ernesto Ojeda
TMNT II: Arcade Game - TECHNOdrome, MvC2, 0:30 - 1:00

entrance music coming back?

top tier.

Someone should come out to Europe - Final count down.


I heard that shit playing when the some cvs2 match was starting up and I just couldn’t stop laughing!

I doubt this will happen…It’s been said to happen each year, and the only real time they actually played intro music was evo@calpoly. :slight_smile:

Intro music was played at every EVO (after UCLA) except when we paired up with MLG. I think what you are referring to is a REAL entrance. True, intro music with a real entrance has been absent from EVO since we left Cal Poly.

Cal Poly entrances were a team effort between Ben ‘tragic’ and myself. He knew the players more than I did so he was the one that laid down the lines and provided certain music that fit the player. I brought my own selection of music and had players select what they wanted. Remember the Mario entrance for Aris? That was a last minute idea that CrackPr0n and I came up with Sunday morning. We just had to convince Aris to do it! lol.

The first EVO at GVR was plagued with bitching about noise so we had to axe entrances but Ben and I were ready to do them. Last year’s EVO, intro music was played, but that went to shit as well because MCs weren’t following the format. Each player gets their own song. MCs were just spitting out WHO vs WHO while the first song was playing. I just gave up and played whatever song was on the list.

There was one MC that was dropping knowledge about the player for a brief moment but that stopped as well. If entrances are to be successful this year, I need to get the music and the MCs together and discuss how they will be handling it.

It’s been done, twice. But if someone requests it, it will happen.

Sweet. I’m a music artist myself. (sample) I’m gonna work up 30 seconds of god-tier kick-assery for when I make it to the VF5 Finals. :razzy:

Someone use “You’re the best around” from the Karate Kid. Please.

I wonder who’s gonna have ‘Rocky’s Theme’!!! hahaha

just take the mics from the MCs and smash them in the head. Ben and Rockefeller shouldn’t have the mic, ever, anyway. Rockefeller at EVO finals was worse than Michael Richards doing standup.

obviously when I make it to finals of ST at both Evo East and Evo World, i’m going to rock the DX theme. however ill have my own special mix that I’ll bring with me, so you dont have to worry about finding it yourself.

“ares” is actually “aris”

i give you permission to suck my fucking cock.

i got 2 things to say in this thread. first off, the whole wwf walking down the isle and playing music was originated by yours truly. shinjn was the key with his laptop by his side controlling the helm of music, tragic was the master mc controlling the crowd with his magical voice to hype up the event we all know as EVO. music intros are dope as hell, unless you are walking out to the theme of its raining men… but anyways, i really hope they bring this back, fuck MLG, lets do this big this year son. and to DSP, bro, you seriously need to stfu about people announcing. john d is a really cool dude, but fell into the pressure of dickfaces like you talking shit while he was trying to do a job under extreme pressure. hes normally pretty good at what he does, actually fuck that. hes the best and tragic is too. so get off their case cause im 100% sure you cant come close to doing half as good as either of them. pz!

Eye of the Tiger? I think watson used this one before.

This song was used several times for both US and Jpn players. I can’t remember exactly who though. I think it was used for Daigo one time at cal poly.

Thanks, I knew I spelled it wrong.


I forgot to give props to my boy, watson. It really was his idea to begin with. I remember the whole conversation now. Sorry about that Mike. Memory fades as you get older.

tragic is an amazing mc and took his time to come up with the player bios for the intros at Cal Poly; and if you were there, it was mad hype. Now that we have the venue to ourselves, I really hope we can resurrect the wwf intros. The spotlight… that’s another issue we need to deal with.

Raining men… that song was appropriate at that time with all the rumors going around about… I’ll keep the names to myself. Everyone knows who I am talking about. lol.

I need to update my avatar. lol.


if any Dipset member makes it to top 3, i want this on repeat.

No… Dips need to use Monster Music off Santana’s first album.

I never said anything personal about Rockefeller. All I said was he wasn’t good at all at Evo Worlds. I have heard things to the contrary that at FFA and EVO West he was really good. But I just didn’t see it…in fact, his commentary during 3s was super-distracting, so much that the crowd was starting to plug their ears. so naturally I had to stick up for the crowd who just wanted to watch finals rather than hear “STRONG! SHORT SHORT SUPER!” like we were all blind or listening to a radio broadcast of sports. And honestly it paid off, because at least people were laughing during some of the most boring finals in EVO history. too many Yuns…

if you want to give Rockefeller another chance, be my guest. i had not even heard of him until EVO Worlds so its not like I went in there with the intentions of heckling him. but if he sucks again, understand this is a free country and he will be open to criticism. especially if what he’s doing is so annoying it’s detrimental to watching the finals, which most people felt it was last year.


Dios <-X-> Ernesto Ojeda
Konami - Motherfucking TECHNOdrome
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
0:30 - 1:00