Interviewees needed to talk about the FGC...

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To all Shoryuken Forum members.
I am a teacher in the UK delivering Media Studies to college students. Each term my students are required to study a variety of media products (ranging from film, magazines, through to video games). They are expected to analyse these ‘texts’ in terms of their promotion, representation, technical codes, and audience responses.
I have therefore chosen the upcoming title Street Fighter X Tekken as there is currently a lot of publicity available to investigate. The other primary reason for choosing this type of game is because of the vibrant community that exists around it.
The purpose of this thread is to see if I can get any willing participants to create a short interview on camera answering a few key questions about their involvement in the fight scene. If these could then be posted (on youtube for example) I could then screen them in my classes, so that my students can get an insider’s perspective on the fighting game community.
The key questions/focus would be as follows:
1. Briefly state your involvement in the fighing game community
How long? How did you first get started? What is your level of competition? How often do you practice? Etc…
2. How would you describe the pleasure you get from these games?
Is it all about the competitive nature? The social aspect? Enjoying the progress with techniques? Etc…
3. What is your own personal response to the portrayal of different social groups by the various game characters?
Do you think there are stereotypes used (for example, race, gender, nationality)? Are these representations positive/negative?

Ideally, I am aiming to get two or three interviews from people who consider themselves serious memebers of the community. The clips would need to be between 3-5 minutes long.

I appreciate that I might be breaking all kinds of forum etiquette (my first ever post and I’m asking favours) but I need to move quite quickly with this if my students are going to get the benefit of your expert knowledge. If anybody is able/willing to help then please resond and I can pass on any extra details. Whether any of you can help or not, I thank you for your time.
R Duke, Birmingham, UK

hello! bumping your thread for you.

if you’re interested in hearing from any UK players, you might want to try here as well:

best of luck with everything.

Thanks for the advise. I will certainly be checking out Neo Empire.
Unfortunately, I seem to have picked a really bad time to be researching the FGC. People appear to be far too paranoid to be talking to outsiders. I swear I am not a journalist - lol!

Anyway, thanks for your time.

sorry, we just got a new release
most of us are currently on the lab

I hadn’t even realized it had been released yet. It doesn’t launch until friday in the UK.