Interview with Maryland players. its time to let them know what the real deal is

below is the plan i want to go through with here over the next week. all that are interested, please pm me your instant message screen name, or your number, and i will be in contact with you. i will contact you a couple days before hand to setup the interview date and time. i have also post the below in the md thread on tekkenzaibatsu, and im serious about getting as many interviews as possible to post up. thanks for your time reading this. so send me those pm’s, and i will also be proactive in going through the md thread and pm’ing people. i just figured a thread would be a little more bright, then just a post in the main thread, that might kinda get overlooked. thanks. below is my excerpt from zaibatsu.

Hey, its jimmy1200 in da house. well i have something i would like for the maryland players to be a part of. this will be kinda a big scale thing, as i want to contact the players of this thread, and i will be posting up on srk to request to discuss the topics at hand with other players that post there.

i want to conduct interviews with players in hopes of bringing more respect, and competition to the community, so that when we get that free time to jump on the sticks and do work, between handling real life shit, its a fine experience, as it usually is, and has been for me. i say respect, because the forums seem to be overrun with new players who are just not putting in the effort, or plane and simply are just ignorant to the history and players out there, and need a quick schooling on where things come from, so we can make sure they are headed to better places.

i say competition, because hopefully this will make people want to just step their game up in general. you know how the ego is sometimes, so if they see maryland is strong with their games, and we have confident solid players, with all these new games dropping this year, we can hopefully expect to bring more players in from around md, and the east coast in general. it fuels my competitive nature to know there are other cats around that are really good, and or, to know their are cats within a short traveling distance that i can learn something from, or beat.

i will more than less likely have a seperate interview for tatsunoko vs capcom, as that is all the buzz right now, and at a future date, street fighter 4, as that has not gotten its console release yet. so at first i would like to discuss with players, who they are, where did they come from, why they started playing competitively, who do they play, what do they play, how often do they play, what they like about the scene, what they dont like, where the competition is at, etc…

now for tvc, i will have a few similar questions, but it may be a bit more indepth, since its a game i also play regularly, and am serious about being pretty good at. that interview will involve questions on the opinion of the game so far, where it will go, character specifics, etc…

there will also be added little tid bits that people may find interesting, that i will add, for new and old players, that might help them along the road of being better when it comes to executing moves and being a competitive gamer.

considering our history in general with fighting games, the personality of our players, and the high quality players we have, i think we have a lot to say and add to the scene out there. we are a pretty strong state in my opinion. a state that could be even stronger, or the strongest overall.

im in vegas now, but i still rep md, and i think it will be a nice early new year highlight, to bring all this info out there. once i get it started, i will be posting the interviews up in a thread here on zaibatsu, and in the fight game discussion thread on srk. i hope to be in touch with everyone in one form or another. im very flexible, and i understand a lot of people might not feeling like talking on the phone or whatever, but we can do email and instant messaging too. instant messaging will probably be the best and easiest for many and myself, but if you wanna talk to jimmy, im ready for that too. james know what up. i think we was blabbing tell the sun came up a few days ago.

another update tomorrow, and then i will be sending out pm’s to people, and trying to get in contact with as many people as possible, and get this shit started. maryland stand up. we all got that real life going on, but lets take a little time out to let people know, we do play games round this bitch.

thanks for everyone getting back to me. this seems its going to turn out pretty well. got about ten players info, and i will be contacting them back to line up a date between sunday and next sunday, to do the interviews. i will be posting them up in the fight game discussion area, and in general discussion on zaibatsu.

the tvc interviews and discussions will go up in the tvc forum. i will try to keep those conversations limited to only tvc, and all other general stuff will be on fgd. good shit!