Internet Privacy

Before i rant off on xbox one and the kinetic always on feature.
i find it fucking creepy. i’m sorry but i can’t play games normally with that shit locked on me.
this gen, or this day of age.
the invasion is privacy is sooo fucked up.

Google, youtube, facebook, twitter, microsoft, etc.

i feel like we’re a bunch of sheeps.
and these huge corporations have their whole hands on our whole lives.
they probably know us better than ourselves.

i don’t like how sites like facebook and google know everythign about your life and what you completely do on the internet.
like even today, most of the criminals caught today is through internet data of these individuals. thats good and all, but its seems like everyone can eyeball your life.

i recently broke up with my gf, and had quite abit of drama through the online message on facebook.
and even though i deleted the messages, the messages still exist within the archive.
you cannot delete whatever is your facebook, it just gets modified on your facebook.
but it’ll always exist in their servers archive.

i’m not gonna start on the xbox one kinetic, but its fucking creepy.
but back on topic, internet privacy…

cause it seems like now we are posting our entire lives online and these online corporations have complete possession of it.

am i being paranoid?

Yes. Yes you are.

hahaha, yea i guess i am.

i’m done with facebook and all that shit anyways.
its all too much.

You do realize that once it’s on the internet…it’s there forever.
Why I try not to air my dirty drawers there.

Privacy is an illusion. Having kinect secretly record you masturbating is nothing compared to how easily your identity could be stolen and all of your funds taken. The internet, still largely unregulated, will one day have to come to terms with a new “freedom vs stability” debate, which I feel will be a choice between unlimited, pirated pornography and happiness and convenience in the Google hive cluster

-Gene Spafford

if you are scared about kinect always being on u could just turn it around…

Or like you know…not buy one?

lol @ how everyone’s quick to defend privacy and rant about it; yet Facebook still has hundreds of millions of users. Let’s not forget twitter.

People love attention and want people to know what their doing. That’s why Facebook/Twitter are so popular. The government/ companies don’t have to dig for your information… you voluntarily put it out there already.

btw; the term “you” doesn’t necessarily mean YOU, but is in regards to the large cluster who are quick to rant about privacy issues when they give their privacy away willingly.

You’re on the grid. You don’t have privacy.

You don’t want it out there, don’t PUT it out there. Lotta stupid-ass people really need to learn that.

You mean like these guys? [details=Spoiler]


…or this guy?


sweet dreamz

Last week my nudes ended up on some random tumblr blog thanks to a disgruntled ex/someone I didnt give time of day, then got re-blogged to over 30 other blogs by over 400 people.

I was mortified. Then I realized how being over exposed on the internet isnt that bad. Worse case scenario someone might see me out and go “hey I seen that guy completely naked on Tumblr”. Nobody cares the next day.

Definitely you are paranoid. Hehe…

Shaft, was I the first one to link that talk, or did I get it from you?

Also, get off The Internet. Now. :tup:

:rofl: I’m pretty sure you got me hooked on Mr. Moglen. That dude is awesome (depressing).

LOL Stuntaz.