Intermediate Player Help

I’ve just got back from a hiatus from Street Fighter and the reason why I stop so often from playing the game is that I usually lose motivation to get better. I get to a certain point where I don’t know what to do anymore. I want to improve my overall game and need willing and good training partners to help me through this. It’s somewhat hard for me to sit down and read the footsie handbook and study the game through the internet, I learn more from actually playing and getting a hands-on experience. I feel that I could become a very skilled player, but there’s this figurative wall that I just can’t seem to pass, can anybody help me?

It would help people more if you said your platform/name and your region

Welcome to SRK. The newbie dojo isn’t a matchmaking section. If you’re looking for other players, please use the links below. If you have gameplay questions to ask, come on back to the newbie dojo.

If you are looking for other players online:

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