Interesting thing i found

Hey don’t expect anything too game breaking, it might be buried within the other spider forums but here is something i things i would think are pretty useful.

Punch Throw + Tronne assist

Launch ect.

Kick throw + tronne , mix up/reset

Other basic shit is like, lp, mp, (call tronne) j. lp, j. hp go to the other side and try to do a hp or hk on the way down and do, c. mk, hk (to give enough time for tronne to leave so you can call her back in) go up hp them down and go from there i guess.

actually, c. lk, c. mk, hk (launch) hp (no flying screen) seems to do more damage (68 damage for me) and gives you a good angle coming down to cross up so you may want to try that too.

It seems the faster you hit them to tronne the more damage it does lol.

This is kinda risky but you can try, c. lk, c. mk, hk (launch) hp on the way up xxx max spider for around 105 damage.

Sorry if this is basic

just to make the most of this thread here is some frame data from Joo

lp 2
d lp 2
lk 3
d lk 4
mp 4
d+mp 5
mk 6
d mk 5
hp 7
d+hp 7
hk 7
d+hk 8
df+hp 3
df+hk 4
j. lp 3
j lk 2
j mp 4
j mk 4
j hp 7
j hk 6
snap out 8+0