Interesting lil' finds!

Don’t know a better way to say this, but just like “easter eggs” that you found in the pages of Street Fighter.

So grab your Street Fighter comics and check these out!


ISSUE #1 (page 10)—In the Happy Go Luck Resturant, that is clearly Arnold Tsang getting his face soaked by the noodle! (shoved in his face by a Shadoloo goon)
CLICK>>>>>reference (far right)

ISSUE #1 — again in the same resturant, you’ll find Chun Li sitting inside as well!! So that’s how she managed to be there just in time to stop the escapee!

ISSUE #2 (page 3)—Look closely at the ID, Chun Li shows Guile when they first meet

ISSUE #3— Ken and Eliza’s apartment number is 604 (again, in reference to the site of Arnold Tsang and Andrew Hou!)

any more??

yeah. lots more :cool:

examples would be nice…:rolleyes:


I don’t know if the frames with Chun Li sitting in the restaurant (issue#1) would be considered “Easter Eggs.” So in the same sense, neither would this one (it’s more of a mistake):

In the backup story to issue#1, the frame where Ryu is just about to shoryuken Sagat, there’s a frame that zooms up to Ryu’s hand, and it is electrified. Then the next frame shows the actual shoryuken, BUT with the other hand electrified. Don’t know how many people caught this one.

I can’t remember off the top of my head others, but when I do, I’ll be sure to post them!


I don’t get this one?
What is it?

Same here, all I see is a funny drawn pic of Chun on the ID.

good one kentdog
it seems Joe mad will do anything for aesthetic values!
yeah thats it. a goofy drawing of Chunner!



On the second to last page of issue #8 top panel. The spectator to Ryu’s right looks a lot like Terry Bogard.

Well I’ll be I never noticed that. Could be the possiblities of cameos from the SNK Characters in SF comics. Just like the SF characters cameos in the Marvel comics back before the SF vs. Series came out.

If any of you saw the special Cammy vs. Dee Jay story in New Type, pay attention to the line of spectators going to watch the fight.

Notice that one has tall, spiked-up, black hair and white gi pants with no shirt.

Could this be Kazuya Mishima from Tekken?

I got one for you guys.

On cover ‘A’ of Street Fighter #8 you see a ton of neon signs in Japanese that Dan and I added in there. Most of them are just juberish like ‘house dog star’ except for 2. At the bottom left side of the cover there are 2 signs that ,combined together, say ‘handjob’. Made me chuckle when Dan told me about his little addition :smiley:


lol awesome, mark! I got that cover