Interesting Information Regarding Hyper Combos

Now, I admit, I do suck pretty bad at this game. I get about 3/4ths of the way to 8th Lord then get demolished by laggy connections and Wolverine Dive Kicks. When I first started using the Captain, people would make fun of me. “Oh, he’s low-tier trash.” “Oh, his Hyper Combos don’t DHC.” “Oh, anything he can do, Guy X can do better.” I struggled through the trials and tribulations, pairing Captain America side-by-side with an unlikely ally, Taskmaster, and discovered some interesting synergy between the two. For one, Captain America’s Charging Star, as we know, eats Hyper Projectiles from about 3/4ths of the screen. Beyond that, you get hit. If you’re full screen, a HCS -> X-Factor -> HCS will get you through. This is probably known by know, so onto some other things I’ve found out I haven’t seen on here or GFAQ’s. Hyper Charging Star can be DHC’d into Taskmaster’s Legion Arrow Parabolic special IF you DHC on the 10th hit of HCS. Hyper Stars and Stripes can DHC into any upward hyper, like Taskmaster’s Legion Arrow Vertical, or Dr. Doom’s Sphere Flame, leading to a nice, dead enemy with 950Kish HP or less (depending on how the beginning of the combo played out). Hyper Charging Star, as we know, has start-up invincibility. While fighting a few minutes ago, I found out that it even breaks through Hulk’s Meteor Smash, provided you do it as the meteor is blowing up. I’m going to make some videos showing the approximate times you can use HCS and HSS’s invincibility properties against hypers in the game. As an aside, Taskmaster’s Aegis Counter and Wesker’s Rhino Charge eat Hulk’s Meteor Smash and Wolverine’s Fatal Claw :slight_smile: Sorry if a lot of this information is known by now, but I figure I’d contribute what I can to the Captain.

Hulk’s Meteor Smash is a bit weird as it gains Projectile properties at some point of the Hyper, thus why Capt is able to blow through it. I believe the Meteor part is the one with projectile properties. It’s safer to use a timed Hyper Stars and Stripes though.

Hyper Charging Star only has projectile invincibility from the first frames. Thus, it nearly beats every single projectile + projectile Hyper in the game. (Correct me on exceptions to this, i’m still uncertain if it can beat out Zero’s lvl3).

Hyper Charging Star is an incredibly fast attack (begins on 1st or 2nd frame), thus there is a chance it might beat out some attacks purely by being faster than the opponents attack animation. However, this doesn’t mean it’s invulnerable. Any physical hit can trade, provided with timing or smart use of invincible Hypers.

Hyper Stars and Stripes lasts about 20 frames of invicibility, so as long as the opponent’s Hyper invincibility doesn’t outlasts yours, you win. This is helpful against Spencer’s Bionic Lancer (Bionic Lancer’s invincibility turns off the moment it ‘hits’ the opponent) and Iron Man lvl3s. The hard part is that you have to do this on reaction to get the most out of this ‘counter’.

Actually, I meant to type that Hyper Stars and Stripes broke through the Meteor Smash as the meteor was crumbling and Hulk was falling out, netting me the win. Hyper Charging Star, to my knowledge, does not beat out Zero’s level 3 Hyper Combo. Hyper Charging Star begins on frame 0 or 1 (or maybe frames 1 or 2 as you said), which is helpful during Team Hyper Combos since it’ll hit instantly if the enemy isn’t blocking, and if Captain is the point man, he’ll get to attack since Charging Star doesn’t last long compared to my other team members (Taskmaster and Wesker), allowing you to cross-up as the THC keeps going on. I’ve used HSS as a counter to almost everything so far, from Dive Kicks to Foot Dives to close-range Shinpu Hadoukens and such. Then again, I blame my reflexes on a childhood spent playing twitch shooters. It’s always fun to hear people piss and moan about their Wolverine getting nailed by a Hyper Stars and Stripes mid-Dive Kick and then followed by Legion Arrows. I will admit, my Captain has major issues with Amaterasu, mostly since Ammy can block and throw off her air dash. My only defense is a timed Shield Slash H followed by Stars and Stripes, with an assist covering me.

Cap’s frame data is in the frame data thread - neither is hitting on frame 1 - but hyper charging star hits frame 0 AFTER THE FLASH which is why the thc works.

Invincibility starts frame 1 on hyper stars & stripes - and projectile destruction begins frame 1 of hyper charging star.

Final justice is weird.

final justice…is quite weird. Thanks for providing the hard data Gimpy.

Fun Fact:
If a person is trying to Chip you to death via Projectile Super, you can do wake up Hyper Charging Star on the earliest possible active frame.
Much easier when doing a neutral wake-up, a little tougher on tech rolls.

wake-up regular heavy charging star when you have no health vs a character that can throw something at you on your wakeup (magneto for example) into hyper charging star, they can’t “react” to your h charging star like they can react to your hyper flash. it’s really difficult for say taskmaster to shoot an arrow and then try to counter super when you do heavy charging star, but REALLY REALLY EASY when you do hyper charging star.

If I had a nickle for every time I did this and Tasky did that… Well… I’d be a dead person with a lot of nickles

Why not just DHC into Tasky’s Arrow Hyper, shooting upwards? Capt’s HCS puts them in a hard knockdown state, and the arrows raining hell from above will pick them up. If you want to really go for the overkill, you can then stack on an air Arrow Hyper, shooting down.

As for what Gimpy said, wake up CS is dependent on your relative distance from the opponent. Since there are startup frames for regular CS, there is still a chance to get hit by projectiles/stray assists if mistimed.

HCS activates immediately on startup, granting instant immunity to projectiles. While the Hyper Flash is a dead giveaway, that’s the tradeoff. The best way around this is to Hyper Cancel into another Hyper.

More or less though, Gimpy is right. The opponent has considerably less time to react to a wake-up CS compared to a HCS.

As for the arrow Hyper, its more dependent on how close the opponent is to the corner, and their overall placement when hit by the HCS. If the opponent is already closest to the ground mid-screen, follow-up arrows (any version) tend to miss 90% of the time. Up arrows don’t work either as the opponent recovers faster than the arrows land. If the opponent is still placed relatively higher than their ‘low’ point, then the arrows have a better chance to connect. In the corner…well, its the corner. You can connect cleanly off of Horizontal or Parabolic Hyper Arrows.

Hey guys, I found out something about HCS a while ago that I was saving for a tourney but I guess I’ll just say it now. I was faced with the problem of getting chipped out by supers like hail storm and akuma’s beam super and I came up with an interesting solution. We all know from anywhere closer than 3/4ths screen we can just blow right through the super, but what if we are full screen? We can just HCS then x-factor than do it again, but what if we don’t have x factor or just don’t want to waste it on something like that? Ok so here’s what I found out, all you need to do is use the HCS’s invincibility to get in close, then DHC into a super with an animation or invinciblity. For example, on my team I have sentinel, so I do a hyper charging star from full screen then DHC to hyper sentinel force. Hyper sentinel force has special properties so it will go through the beam super and hit akuma. I can even dash up and get a full combo from it. This works because during a DHC the startup time for any hyper is fully invincible so the hyper will enter it’s active frames even though it’s starting up in the middle of a beam super. I’ll post a video elaborating on what I’m saying soon

I do that dhc into hulk sometimes because of it’s own invincibility frames it’s nice

I have a question in regards to his hypers. DHC trick. is it possible from his HCS as its just an unrecoverable knockdown? Secondly if HSS is more damaging, can it simply be swapped in any combo that ends with HCS?

For the first question, I’m pretty sure that damage scaling and hitstun deterioration are still in effect after a DHC from HCS even though its a normal unrecoverable knockdown. And to your second question, yes you can swap in HSS for any combo and do more damage, but some characters have better DHC options with HCS then with HSS and vice versa. So just find out which super works best for your team.

Srry for the double post guys but i finally made my video i was talking about. . . .lots of editing and lots of recording lmao but its finally here. Front page material lol.

Gravity Squeeze?

You also don’t get all the hits out of S&S if you DHC.

if you dhc into something stupid that you should’ve just done charging star for that’s true - but if you dhc hyper stars and stripes into something that makes sense (gamma crush or legion arrows or maximum spider) you can dhc after every hit lands definitely.