Interesting Dreamwave tidbit on Capcom licences

Hey guys… just stumbled upon this on the Dreamwave forums… with Candice Chen (DW’s Public relations manager) responding to all the rumours and controversy surrounding the state of DW.

"Just to clear this forum up…

Dreamwave is not going under, we are not downsizing and we are definitely going under to Marvel.

Pat LOVES Marvel and it his dream to be able to do art for them. He is still a freelance artist at the end of the day.

Capcom titles, unfortunately we returned some of the licenses such as Darkstalkers and Rival Schools, based on the sales of Megaman and Maximo. It is hard to produce an entire series when the sales prove it to be not as popular as our other titles. Udon was later give the opportunity to purchase these licenses.

TMNT was also finished due to certain agreements with the licensor.

There are many issues that concern which books we put out, and which we decide to end. Please don’t assume things are bad because certain products are removed. There are many factors that the consumer can’t see.

Hope you guys don’t lose faith in Dreamwave and we promise we’ll be here and kickin’ for a long time to come! =)

I hope I helped answer some of the questions going on around here. Fall 2004 is going to be a CRAZY season for us with tons of new projects coming out… and look out because some of those original DW titles, might be coming back! (but shh, I didnt say anything ) "

You know… technically, when you sign a license contract, you are not going to a mall buying a hair dryer or a toaster that if you do not like it, you return it…

There’s more to this whole situation about them loosing the DS & RS license and us ended up picking it up… but of coz, I cannot tell.

What I truely believe is that DS & RS CAN BE STRONT TITLES! And I believe that with all of us here working together, we can make the Capcom Comic line as strong as other comic titles out there!


And I’m sure that you will, Street Fighter has been a great series, & in your hands I’m sure both DarkStalkers & Rival Schools will get an awesome run in the comic industry:cool:

darkstalkers maybe but rival schools? you think casual comic geeks would even know about that game?

i think i will download this instead of buying it.

Can’t comment on Maximo since I haven’t read it or played the Game, but the reason Megaman failed is because it was unfaithful to the Games. In the meantime, at least we can read the Megaman Battle Network (AKA NT Warrior) Manga from Viz. The Manga’s even closer to the Game than the Anime is. Well, the Anime started out bieng very close, then turned into some Pokemon style Tournament storyline thingy…

It’s still a shame we still haven’t gotten any of the other great Megaman (AKA Rockman) Mangas released Stateside. I’m not much of a fan of the Battle Network/NT Genre myself. In fact, I like it the least of all the Megaman Franchises.

And yeah, I love Darkstalkers and Rival Schools. I hope both can suceed, at least so it can convince Capcom to re-release RS2. I’ve found it next to impossible to find a Dreamcast copy. I found RS1 for PS1 last year very easily.

Thanks to people like you, nothing will succeed…

Now I totally lost respect to you. TOTALLY.

Rival Schools isn’t that unheard of you know, actually I’d say it’s more well-known that DarkStalkers. When it first came out (Back in 1998) the critics loved it & I believe it was fairly successful. But really most people that buy these comics aren’t “casual” gamers they’re more likely to be “hardcore” gamers (imo). For me it’s all a part of collecting & a good read lol. Project Justice Rival Schools 2 though being one of the later DC games probably didn’t get such a good run…

Actually I had heard that RS2 wasn’t going to be released in Europe a few yeas back, I only realised it was around when I got it from an eBay seller last year…

it would be cool if u guys did megaman.

its funny cuz it went on hiatus? before i could even decide to stop collecting them.

i think im still missing one more issue though. i seriously didnt like what was going down. but i tried to support it anyways.

so if everything is successful with the otehr two titles which i will also support…ehhehe megaman is next right?

LOL:lol: Dude, The bucket of truth, Think before u comment please. Ur starting to be more hated than Time_Stop(no offense to TS). Who says “I’ll download them instead” in a forum monitered by the very editor of the comic there making[common sense, Man]:lame: And I don’t think there is a website that downloads American comics. Covers or actual manga maybe…:confused:

Eh, Bucket of Truth probably dosnt give a fuck. He buys the SF comic and said he was gonna buy DS.

I know Im not gonna buy DS or RS just because I have never really like those games too much. Im more of a SF fan myself.

Besides, there are always gonna be people that get stuff for free. Who can say they have never downloaded a song for free? Nobody. You dont lose respect for people that do that. Bucket just has the balls to say it around udoneko.

I didnt know you could download comics online. Were you just kidding Bucket or can you do that?

I’ve been hearing that alot lately in the Gaia Forums. It would be great but i to like to suggest a few things:

  1. Keep Rock’s would-be love interest, Chelsea, wanted to see how turn out.

  2. Hire the artist who did Megaman#4, his style was the best and close to actual capcom art. REFERENCE: His name i forgot, but his Nickname is Spaz and he used to the Sonic the Hedgehog comics.

Visual aid:


I for one think DS and RS can be successful series given the proper treatment. SF will always be king, but these other Capcom titles can be great as well. I’m especially looking forward to Darkstalkers… hope you guys have Demitri do his Midnight Bliss pretty soon… I love that move and can’t wait to see how it translates to comic format.

The great job done with SF has given me faith in the way Udon can handle fighting game comics.

No love interest! Megaman is a Robot and on top of that, he is a little boy. If you want love interests, there’s Megaman Legends.

And if you feel Adamant in giving Megaman a Love Interest, use Kalinka, Dr. Cossack’s Daughter. At least she is in a Video Game.

i’d jump on the RS & DS comic books. i am not familiar with the RS & DS plots (story wise)… i only played the games.

i think that udon will portray these comic books good once they come out. they’ve done a great job with SF .

At first, I didn’t think I’d like Rival Schools comics at all, but it seems rather interesting. If it’s going to be anything like the tidbits between Sakura and her friend in the Street Fighter comics, then it’s worth checking out. I’ll definately pick up issue #1 and try to get the preview for sure.


DS and RS definitely suit the comic world. I mean, take a look at the story sequences in Project Justice 2 on the Dreamcast :slight_smile:

DW dropped RS and DS because of the sales of Maximo and Megaman? Well, good thing anyway because Udon’s gonna rock my face with what they do (and what I’ve seen already!).

I remember seeing a cover to Megaman in the comic shop one day and laughing at it. It had some of the worst art I had ever seen. Now that’s why they didn’t sell many copies! To me art in comics is as important as the story, because at the end of the day that’s what I’m reading a comic and not a book for!

Comics on my wanted list

1st Army of Darkness

Hail to the king baby

2nd Darkstalkers

3rd Rival schools.

I’m actually more interested in Rival Schools than Dark Stalkers, though that’s more due to my liking Project Justice (even though I only ever played the japanese Dreamcast version, and thus never understood what was going on…the board game thing rule though!) more than Darkstalkers.

Still, I’m glad UDON got them both and I will defintely add both titles to my list of reserved titles, along with Conan, Street Fighter and Punisher.

I really couldn’t care less if Dreamwave did go under. They had some great opprotunities with the licenses, and they blew them.

Dreamwave is terrible, and I have a lot more faith in Udon having the RS and DS licences then I ever did with DW.