Interested in getting a joystick

Hey what’s up ya’ll. I’m new to this message board and I’m looking for some advice. I 've been playing fighting games for awhile now and trying to improve my game greatly. I’m currently into Capcom Vs. SNK 2. Anyways I was thinking about getting a joystick to in order to great a more arcade feel to playing the game and several others. I’ve been looking around the boards and seen many custom made ones that look cool. I am not so tech savvy so I was wondering if any of you guys can recommend a good joystick made by some manufacturer. Any websites or stores you guys suggest would cool. Peace.

first see if you like japanese or american style arcade layouts. if american; i would research mas sticks, and arcade in a box.

if japanese; i would contact someone in the for sale forum and build you a custom one. or get an hrap or something similar.

Arcade-in-a-box does japanese layout.

Arcade In a Box imo.

Don’t buy a joystick. Biggest mistake you will ever make…don’t have one built either. Stick builders are just a bunch of ripoff artists.

Oh, and Sanwa sucks.

^^Yes, stick builders prices are way too high, then they have the nerve to charge for so called labor

Just get a HRAP2 or as Street fighter anniversary one from ebay.

Some guy near my area sold me his modded Street Fighter stick by Nuby with HAPP competion parts. And for only $50. What I suggest you do is go to regional matchmaking section of the forums and try to find a thread that’s within your area. Then you can ask for sticks there.

Oh and manufacturers don’t make custom sticks.

I also agree that custom stick prices are too high, but that’s what you get for having one custom made by someone else instead of yourself. If you have woodworking skills and know how to solder then hey more power to you, but as you said you’re not tech savvy. If you think that’s bad, the price for the best PS2 controller adapter for the PS3 is close to $100. So imagine buying a marked up custom stick + adapter if you have a PS3.

I just wish there was some competent company that makes sticks that don’t suck right off the bat.

^ Hori? Hori’s HRAP series is the best commercial joystick out there. They’re rereleasing the SA series HRAP and that’s the best that you can get.

Oh yeah I mean Hori’s capable, but almost every Hori stick that I’ve read up has been modded. Yea you could try to save up for a SA HRAP coming out in April, just hope it won’t be sold out and resold for a higher price when you try to buy though.

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And the magic words have been spoken…

guys don’t hate. First, building a stick from scratch is not a easy, i know i’m in the proccess of building one. It is kind of kicking my ass but i’ll finish it. Anyway, the prices for custom stick are not overpriced. building one from scratch is very expensive, and that is if you don’t mess up anywhere that would cause you to buy more materials. so don’t hate, besides buying a custom stck + plus a pelican adapter would probably set you back for about $175. It may sound like a lot, but hey you’ll have a cool looking stick, in which you can play your fav. games, and if you into tournaments you will need a stick in order to compete.

^ I love customs alot, but I don’t have the heart to play on them. I have two HRAPs for that reason lol. I know it sounds stupid but I buy customs because they’re like art I can’t abuse art. I’m weird :sad:

Big Pockets is right! If you like sanwa go for the Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 or something, but you better be used to Japanese style joysticks.

The reason that custom made wood-worked sticks cost so much is because they are one off pieces. If we had a way to mass produce them and buy the electronics for cheap then that would be another thing. As it is right now most custom stick makers have to get on Lizardlick and pay 2rd party prices for the sticks and buttons, then they have to track down a used PSX or Dreamcast or Xbox controller to gut, and then make the wood box (with varying degrees of quality craftsmanship) and put it all together. It takes a good chunk of time and money to get a custom stick made if you don’t have a high-output facility.

IF your starting out, a Tekken 5 stick, is pretty good start, or if you want fancy an HRAP2, as the others mentioned. If you want the best, then you go custom, and you can pick the builder that suits your style.

Also anyone that thinks custom joystick prices are inflated, lol, if you can’t figure out Big Pockets and Sex were being sarcastic, you have problems. My only advice, try building one, then once your out of about $400, your time, money, etc and it most likely doesn’t look very good, then tell me. Because if you think your going to get it right the first time easily, you may btw, but it won’t be easy. Also you should try to mod a stick first, to get a feel for it.

I personally went directly into stick building, and its one heck of a ride ;).