Interest check: Flashing/Fading RGB led balltop kit

Im thinking of having some hollow JLF shafts made and making a led balltop kit. The kit would include a frosted white/clear balltop, hollow shaft, rgb led and wiring. Pricing would be $50-$60. Any interest? Pricing ok?

Heres a vid in action!


Would you be also selling hollow shafts separately?

Any chance these will light up with directions (up: red, down: not red…)?

I could possibly sell the shafts alone, but that depends on cost as they are available elsewhere.

@x24, no, they will not change based on direction.

Yeah if it was controllable i think 50 is stretching it but i might be interested. I think the balltops in the past have been 20ish and hollow shaft was 20 on lizardlick. so i guess 10 for wires and what not is ok. does this come with a controller and everything? Having its behavior customizable would be nice.

60 bucks???
no led controller??

i think your asking too much for 60 bucks.

I dont think he is asking for too much when you factor in everything. The shafts can run anywhere from like 20 to 30 and for those who say well so and so company sells them for 20. You have to think for a moment that there is a difference in a big company that can buy the shafts in great bulk and an individual buying the shafts adding a balltop that is about 15 to 20 and the wiring and led. I think the price is pretty fair.
Looks great buttero, I may have to find out where you are getting your shafts made because i talked to paradise arcade awhile ago and they have not responded to me yet and i want some made for my slim cases that will soon be in production.

I read this Thread as meaning butteroj drill the Shafts himself.
Because he does drill for the Ball Tops.

But I don’t know, maybe someone else does the Shaft drilling for him.

And like he said, Hollowed Shafts are available other source too.
RosserRooster of SRK also provides drilled Shafts.

I would buy some!

I guess butteroj drilling the shafts himself does make sense because does the balltops too hahaha i guess i just got excited when i heard custom shafts because i neeeeeeeeeeed some hahaha

i disagree.
shafts are only 1.50 retail

I’d prefer something like this though:


The flashing one seems a little too much… please sell one that doesn’t flash all crazy like that.

The wild flashing is built into the RGB LED itself.

And the video you showed, butteroj cannot sell you that.
Because that is using FGWidget LED Controller.
Anyone can just wire that up themselves.

I actually have one installed with the FGWidget LED Controller board! But I bypassed that and had it hard wired! I got it form Here is the actual tutorial I installed it on. I didnt give instructions on how to install, because it was for the seimetsu light up board and FGwidget!

Really simple really, and it changes colors. Took awhile for shipping and it had to go through customs, End result made me happy. The only thing I dont like is that you have too open up the stick once in a while to make sure you aint twisting the cords and making it tighter. You can feel it. So what you gotta do is spin the stick in the opposite direction and it be lose again. Cuz that part is moving in circles, so it will get tighter, and depends on you gameplay style.

Leuchtset JLF, Farbwechsel -

I used this on my sanwa JLF joystick, and has a seimetsu clear bubble top! I used clear because it looks alot nicer illumunated! Total price is around 30 dollars, but 20 dollars for shipping! So around $50. Im happy, so happy that I dont even use that custom joystick afraid that I might break it, or bang it up. Lol. I might put it up for sale!

Regular shafts may be that much but hollow shafts are much more expensive
Paradise arcade seimitsu shafts run $15

Lizardlick hollow shafts run 20
Sanwa JL-S9F Shaft, Hollow

Hmm i am curious as to how long that short seimitsu hollow shaft is from paradise arcade.

i can drill shafts if anyone’s looking. i’d probably stick at $20ish like ll was selling them for individually. could come down a bit for bulk orders

Shaft JLF-TP, hollow for ~14 USD incl. VAT or 11.70 USD without VAT + shipping

I really doubt that sanwa sells hollowed shafts to retailers for 75 cents, if that waas the case i am almost positive that LL would not sell them for $20. But with anything if you find it that easy then you can most certainly drill it yourself or even simpler not buy it.

.75 is the price to all wholesalers. wholesalers to dealer is anywhere from 1.50 to 2.50.

Short Seimitsu shafts are regular Seimitsu length, longs are 3/4" longer.