Interest check: empty cases

I’ve got 4 that I put together months ago. I wanna get rid of em because I’m getting new tools soon & I wanna start over fresh with a different style. Someone can use these I’m sure…

The blue one is gone & I don’t wanna sell that one on top, I still have plans for that one.

The bottom of them doesn’t come out, I cut a little groove inside to fit it in then glued & nailed em together. Actually a few might not be nailed, just glued, these are definitely a WIP. All are viewlix 6 button.

This one has plexi on the bottom

I have two of these, the bottom is wood

Lastly, this one. Wood bottom & no plexi cut but it does have a wooden top panel that goes under the plexi

Like I said, I’m sure someone can use these, maybe someone just starting out with woodworking (like me when I made these…) or someone that just wants a cheap case? I’m thinking $45 shipped maybe? Lemme know guys! :tup: