Interest Check: East Coast Candy Cab Order

Hey guys,

I’m trying to see if there’s enough interest to get a small East Coast candy cab order from matsu. I live in Maryland, which is basically the middle of the East Coast. matsu is the single best candy supplier in the US. All the cabs he sells are in VERY good condition. Look at the link below to see pics of each.

Basically, how it would work:

  1. Pick out the cab you want by browsing the available cabs here (prices do NOT include shipping):

Neo Candy 29 (only 2 left) - $600
Egret II - $1200
Atomiswave sitdown (hi-res monitor) - $1750

Coming in a couple months
Blast City (tri-sync monitor) - $1750
Net City (tri-sync monitor) - $1950

  1. Make a money order (YES only money order because that’s what matsu accepts) out to matsu NOT to me for the price of the cab (not including shipping). This is to ensure that I will not run away with your money! I MAY be willing to take PayPal and then make a money order on your behalf but you will be responsible for covering the PayPal fees, if I do.

  2. I place the order and handle all the shipping. I will pay all of the shipping costs for ALL the cabs.

  3. You will come and pick up the cab from me within 2 weeks of delivery. At that time you will pay YOUR share of the shipping charges with cash. Shipping charges per cab will depend on the number of cabs we buy obviously. If we get 4 the quote he gave me is $220 shipping per cab, but I’m pretty sure I can get another company that will be below $200 per cab.

  4. Enjoy your cab.

If you’re interested, let me know through PM. I would need at LEAST two other person who is interested aside from me for this to even be worth doing a group order.



No one except me on the East Coast wants a candy? Amazing…


I wish I could go in on this with you, but I just can’t swing another cab at the moment :frowning:

I live in northern Delaware. How close are you to the Newark/Wilmington DE area just for future reference. Maybe you’ll still be in the market when I am ready.

I live just north of DC. 20904. As it stands now, it looks like I’ll have to wait on getting a cab since most people just aren’t interested in what matsu has at the moment. They mostly want an Astro of some sort.


Its not the problem of not wanting one O_O, its the problem of getting the cash for these beauties -_-.

I agree, these are amazing, of course we’d all like one… We just would need all that extra cash…

that is a huge sum of money for a cabinet when you could get a good cabinet and mod it to have sanwa parts instead

nyuck, I want one lol, I’m west coast :(. I’ll just make my own cab.

This statement is honestly stupid. That’s like saying why pay for anything original if you can modify something that will be almost as good. Like why buy a Mercedes when you can buy a pinto and put in a nicer engine. People buy things that are more expensive for a variety of reasons like quality and style. Not to mention the fact that if you don’t already have the tools or skill to modify a US style cab, you’re likely to end up spending close to, if not more, in the end given time and money spent for modifications.

Anyway, I updated the first post with information on two new cabs matsu announced he would be getting in a couple months. I’m personally eying the Net City since I’ve ALWAYS wanted a New Net City and I can convert it pretty easily.


Man I really want to buy it, problem is the driving up to maryland, from Florida to come pick up the cabinet, gas on my suv would kill me, and shipping here as well. As shipping would be killer, heh. Paik what roms will the candies have, think we can have a choice? or is it just the cabinet?

matsu sells just the cabinets, no games included.

Ive bought 4 cabinets from the man and Ive been more then happy everytime. Matsu spends a great deal of time with each one inspecting, fixing and cleaning them up so you dont have to when you get it, and as Paik pointed out, buying a US cab and fitting it with sanwa buttons is not really even close to a suitable substitute. The monitors, build, aesthetics and ease of controls/maintenance are leaps beyond US cabs IMO.

Hope it works out for you man!

Thanks Tiger. I’m probably going to put a deposit down for one of the Net City cabs. Apparently one is already paid in full.


ooh. Im thinking about it too man. Those suckers are too rare to pass on, at least here in the US. Would love to chop one of those down and have some nice hi res naomi goodness!

Oh shit, we might be fighting over it then. Haha. I’m still debating. I love the Net City, but $2k is a hefty price since I want to convert it to NNC as well. I already have a panel, but getting the stickers and stuff is going to be costly. Not to mention I will need to get a converter so I can use it for JAMMA as well as the standard JVS. It’s a bigtime investment for sure.


yeah it is. After I bought my Egret 2 I swore I would never spend that much on a cabinet again. It’s sick really. heheh. Im kind of still debating too man, but wont be butt hurt if you go for it, in fact you should!

How do you enjoy your Egret II? That’s what I was going to settle buying until I found out he is getting some Net City. I’m personally not fond of the color scheme which is why I was kind of miffed about having to buy one over something else that I like better. I mean, I like the AWSD a lot, but if it’s only $200 more, I’d definitely get a Net City. matsu says, the AWSDs are the only ones with absolutely no burn in right now. Of course he doesn’t know about the Blast or Net City yet. He might be getting more than 2 each.

Honestly, I’ll probably wait it out and see the condition before I decide to buy. Even putting $500 for a deposit is a bit much when I haven’t seen the cab.


hey man, I think the Egret 2 is all around one of the best cabinets. They look really nice, the monitor is a breeze to rotate (which makes it ideal if you only plan on having 1 cab) and the toshiba tubes and nanao chassis look awesome together. But that being said, I definitely would not want one if it had terrible screen burn as that just isnt replaceable short of buying a new monitor which just isnt worth it I dont think. I hear ya on the deposit thing, if there are only 2 of them and one is paid for, then the deposit only guarantees you get the other one, and if it the screen is no good then why bother.

I had a AWSD for a month or so before selling it, and they really are nice cabinets. No complaints on that aside from the fact that most of them are 1 player control panels and getting a “real” 2 player Egret 2/3 or AWSD panel is ludicrously expensive. Matsu does make repros though which fit perfectly and he will even wire up the 2 player side for ya!

Man… I wish I had a couple of grand to spend right now…


Yea, cabinets are so expensive but its so awesome to have one. I have heard a lot of good things about matsu and would have probably go through him if i had money to.

I was able to get a neo 29 for a pretty good price local on ebay and had a panel made for six buttons with sanwa buttons and joystick.

Kind of regret it since I really want seimitsu sticks instead lol.

Also bought a console to jamma adapter since complete naomi and cps3 systems are pretty expensive themselves.

I really like the egret II’s also… candy cabs are awesome haha

GL on your buy Paik and TFC