Interest check: 3s online Euro RanBats?

I have no idea if people want me to do this, but whatever. I hosted a European tourney a while back, and only like two people didn’t show up. It was great fun all round, and I told the guys I would try and do some more in the future or even some RanBats or whatever. I know its kinda silly and all, but still, its something. So if anyone is interested or thinks I should, please say so here :woot:

Well, even though it’s on 2DF I’ll play in it this time. I pretty much owe you after bailing out on the last one.

Well, just went into user CP and didn’t realize I’d been repped by drobizh. Heh, thanks man. Much appreciated!

I say go for it.

and let the LION partake too show you non-knowing 3s hopefulls…what the GAME is supposed too look like…

First off, I’m sure theres lots of people that want someone to do stuff like this. Theres a real lack of focus on the online euro 3s community so anything that brings more players together is a good thing.

I would suggest running more tournaments first and not taking lack of replies as a sign of low interest.

… in short, run more tourneys plz :stuck_out_tongue: