Intec Wii Combat Fight Stick for Tatsunoko Vs Capcon, Taken Apart & Reviewed (Video)

So I picked up an Intec Arcade Stick for the Wii, made a quick video for it and stuck it on youtube.


There’s nothing special about the box… The stick is White/Blue but there are White/Grey sticks out there. Out of the box the first thing anyone does is feel the stick. It’s loose. Loose as hell. I forgot to mention that the gate in square so you can see that Intec has taken some ques from MadCatz and went with a Japanese style with the stick. It features eight face buttons across making use of all Classic Controller buttons, which is what I think this stick mirrors. The buttons feel cheap, nothing like the MadCatz sticks and a little clicky. At the top on the stick are +, - & Home buttons, also a Turbo switch for On and Off. A red light will turn on when Turbo is on, of course. When turbo is on all buttons are set to turbo, it does not work the same way ask the MadCatz products. The wrist base seems to wobble when you press down on it even though it has it’s on rubber foot. All in all seems pretty cheap but that’s what you get when you pay $24.99 CND ($23.79 USD). I’'ll be taking it apart and seeing the guts of the stick later tonight and will post the second video for that.

Hope you enjoyed my brutal review, in the end I’d say pass. But if you have a small budget you might want to grab one.





Nothing new to say here. Cheap stuff inside and I really don’t have the know how to start taking this apart. That’s too much for me, even if it is really easy I’m not a modder and I most likely sound so noobish to some of you it hurts.

LOL at the box having a soccer ball, a dude running and an airplane.

Don’t forget the absolute lack of wrist room, or the fact that if you tend to rest your wrist when you play, your left hand will be resting at the edge (not very comfortable).

Looking forward to the teardown though, my friend has the PS2/PC version of this same general stick and he’s been wondering if it can be upgraded with legit parts.

It’s up take a look but there’s not much there.

Stick seems to be the same Hori clone in the Mayflash stick, at the very least, you might be able to swap in the spring with one from a JLF or LS-32 to increase the tension. Might as well add some tape to fix the engage distance.

PCB looks common ground though, too bad its so huge

Might be worth a look to see if you can just take out the PCB and fit a MC Cthulhu or Joytron PCB (for PS3/XBox 360) in there.

I have the CD-R king PC version of this stick… can’t fit a JLF in there without drilling a hole and its got 28mm holes with tabs so you need to dremel if you want to fit in sanwas there… Even with my small hands I have theres still a big lack of wrist area.

For the $28 I spent on it, it feels ok. I’m not going to modify it in any way. I was torn between buying this for a lower price tag or the madcatz stick. I have two TE sticks for my 360 and two fightpads as well. So it was time for me to slow down on my higher price purchases on my hobby and I’m saving to get a custom plexi from ART.