Instant Ultra 2: Useful?

This is probably old, but I’m posting in hopes that it isn’t…

Instant Ultra 2 (IU2):

720, U+KKK.

From what it looks like, the ultra comes out the moment Gief leaves the ground. Not only does this make the ultra 2 unexpected, but since you’re grounded it gives you the option of using Gief’s other command grabs.

I like buffering/storing in the 720 with normal attacks/block stings/dash

-Far s.FK [buffer 720]
-c.lp, c.lp, [buffer 720]

The 720 doesn’t stay stored long, but you can increase the stored time slightly be constantly buffering in 360s.

Mixing it up: Nothing fancy here. After imputing the motions, you have an option of either going for an EX RBG or an IU2 depending on what your read of your opponent.

Also, if your opponent has meter, you can buffer and bait an attack and go from there as well.

Against wake up, this works pretty well. Bait a wake-up DP > IU2 grab…

From a standing position, I can’t see it being very useful buffering in the 720 from an attack to go into this. I’ve done it, but you really have to be expecting something specific for it to answer, and jump is rarely a valid answer. It is valid against Rufus & Crimson Viper, who enjoy their EX kicking moves enough that you can reasonably expect it to work. Beyond that, not really.
More important are the applications of using it when down and on jump-in. People who like to cross up can eat a lariat or Ultra, depending on how the jump is done. Lots of otherwise useful anti-airs are useless against the Siberian Blizzard. I most enjoy using it in the air as Chun-Li, Dee Jay, or Juri think some golden kick move is going to save them, expecting the invincibility to save them.