Instant air tatsu technique

The ability to ex air tatsu after dp fadc has always been a thing flash people do. For the life of me I can never do it consistently.

For the flash people here, what do you do?

I’ve tried, just the simple quarter circle back to up forward kick, or rolling from down all the way round to up forward kick, or even trying quick 360/720 motions.

None of these work well, it could be i’m going too fast or too slow maybe? or pressing the kicks at the wrong time. Or maybe it shouldn’t finish with up forward at all? (plus I swear it was easier in a.e. but maybe that’s just my brain)


(ps I thought generally forum goers prefer people to reuse old threads rather than create new ones, but I guess not (SSF4AE: Gouken, Quick Air-Tatsu help))

I just hold UF after I dash and then tatsu as soon as I see him jump.

d db uf then plink two kick buttons.

i did it like 50 times in training mode. got it once.
jump hk comes out, or i get grounded ex tatsu lol
the inputs are correct, the timing…is not …wtf.

You need to delay the the kicks bro

yeah I get the kicks aswell most of the time. this makes me think the kick was input too slow. but then a grounded tatsu obviously means the kick input was too fast

Someone needs to do some kind of frame by frame capture to see what kind of window there is for this input.

when you say plink the kicks, you mean do a kick then another kick one frame later? how would this help execute an ex move?

i know it is possible to tiger knee this move, but i’m not sure its better to go with your route. (like trying to do the seth stomps immediately after spin kicks)
when i try to do it this way my tatsu is a lot higher than the (albeit it extremely rare) tiger knee’d air tatsus’

You dont need to do tiger knee tatsu to combo after hp.srk fadc but you do need to plink the kicks because if you dont, kens ex tatsu will stay in one place while in the air.

Yeah a plink is when you press two different buttons one frame apart. Like you said its better to just jump, do tatsu motion then plink kicks.

Not sure but I think you need to plink with a punch for this to work now?

Im sure I have done it before with kicks only.

but the one you showed doesnt go forward…

Didn’t know there was a special technique to it.
I just did it normally for hours till it worked.