Instant Air Dash

What’s it used for? At the moment, whenever I try and IAD I get hit out of it by the other player and the only use I can see for it is going into tick throws. I can do that off high air dashes, simply because the fear of A.X.E./RH/Fierce seems to cause the other player to turtle up.

Obviously, those options aren’t available for IAD, so how do I make it effective? And also, does backwards IAD have any uses?

Apologies for the scrubby questions but I really want to learn Twelve properly…

time for thongboy to plug his vid :clap:

I obviously have know idea what you’re talking about.

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I’ve seen IAD going the other way used in a match and was used for the purpose of building meter and confusing the opponent =)

Other than tick throwing, I’d say IAD is used for pressure T.T;

I only air-dash to confuse my opponent or when I’m sure they won’t anti-air me out of it. Whiffed IAD MK is good for screwing up people and getting in a free throw.

"I obviously have know idea what you’re talking about.

N - cough"

Wow, thanks for the vid. Mad props for showing all those cool moves. :clap:

I wonder if thong will make a tutorial for others.

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