Installing SFZFG on the PS3's HDD

I don’t know if it’s possible, anyway I downloaded the PS2 System Data to my PS3. this of course fixes the PS2 HDD issues during backwards compatibility. Anyhoo, I was wondering if it was possible to install use the harddrive install option for SFZFG on the PS3.

Note: Before any of you smart alecs come out and say shit, my SFZFG is the real NTSCJ game, my PS2 and PS3 are both NTSCJ as well.

Since I never bothered with the harddrive and broadband adaptor combo for the PS2, I don’t know exactly how the installation process is like for SFZFG. The instruction manual doesn’t say much other than it cuts down on loading time and the standard warning message regarding installation and how you should not shut down the PS2 or reset it.

So any help would be nice.

Uhm, SFA collection just pops up a message on boot saying whether or not to install to the harddrive when you first load it if you’ve got no game data.

The only other option is to check in the options menu…

Ah, I guess I’ll check it again, I tend to just quickly skip through everything at the beginning without paying any attention. lol