Insane Bonus Stage Number2

If you hold the stick up and hold down short+strong+roundhouse buttons rite before the parrying bonus stage screen appears youl get an insane bonus round. Ive never parried the whole stage yet, has anyone even come close? I know you have to jump up and parry some balls in it also…its insane.

Note this bonus stage is not the one wher you hold the stick down and hold down jab+foward+fierce buttons.

stage 3 is easy

u don’t have to jump for stage3
he talkin bout 4 and 5

ya i can perfect 4 and 5 most of the time

Stage 4 isn’t that hard. At least, if my stupid agetec stopped screwing up my parries & dashing. :stuck_out_tongue: Haven’t bothered /w stage 5 yet.

But stage 3 is down + 3 punches, 4 is down + 3 kicks, and 5 is down + jab+forward+fierce.

So what’s this stage where you hold up + kicks?



up + short/strong/roundhouse gives you alternate level 5.

It’s not that hard, none of them are. I perfect alt. 5 pretty much all the time. It’s just hard to remember which characters should superjump and which should just do regular jump.

So where exactly do you jump anyway?

no im not talkn bout 4 or the 5 your thinking about.
thers two versions of the number 5. Do what i said before the bonus stage n youl get it.

OMG a new secret cheat! i never new that! shit, imo go try that shit now. thanks alot :smiley:

(btw that was NOT sarcasm but genuine excitement)

i think by “bonus stage number 2” he meant the parry stage, with bonus stage number 1 being the suv :stuck_out_tongue:

i haven’t tried the harder parry levels myself, i just play whatever hehe