Inputs per second

I was just burning one, and my friend and i started talking about inputs per second in games and I came to the conclusion that only one game out there has VASTLY more inputs per second than anything else.
Marvel :devil:

so I 'm wondering if this information is out there or if someone wants to test for it.

so If an input is any single direction or any one button, with a pinned sentinel in the corner and me with mags+doom, i figured i could do about 50 in a sec. (and i mention that as a realistic example)
If i had a programmable pad, i bet i could do closer to one hundred.


100 inputs a second in a 60 frames per second game.

each rep of the rom is about 2/3 of a second… so you have…


d, u, lk, lk, df+lp+hp, lk, lk, d, u, lk, lk

and as magnetro said… you can’t have 100 inputs in a 60 second game… if you did, you obviously don’t know what the fuck you’re doing at all. Marvel’s got fast combos (especially sentinel)… in terms of reaction time, i still think that 3S and ST need higher levels of reaction time and less predictable shit… I’m sorry, but nobody can react to getting rushed by some of Yipe’s shit, you just need to know it’s coming.

fighting game - ssbm… because of movement (wavedashing dashdancing ect)

music games - ddr… songs like max 300

games with combos - dmc4… watch a combo vid


i don’t get it…

edit: ohh, you must be listing what games you think have the highest inputs/s for those genres XD but SSBM takes fighting games? :wonder: games with combos? oh devil may cry 4–i would say action adventure for this as even DDR has combos and combos don’t necessarily equate to most input/s…it’s based on the inputs…per second :lol:

wave dashing wtf? lol isnt that done by just pressing jump and R+direction, anyways its not like ur constantly wave dashing throught the whole match like u would if u were playing mvc2 or cvs2


also isnt ITG faster than ddr?
blah o well who cares

this thread was a bad idea…lol