Inputs on fast j.L

do you super jump dash down l? i see alot of players open people up but don’t know what inputs it is or how I can practice it.

There’s two ways to do it. Check the threads, we’ve said it a bunch of times.

  1. You can do it by inputting down+up+down L very very quickly and you’ll do the instant overhead. This superjumps and he airdashes down very very quickly. It’s very fast, but you need to be right in front of them to hit them with it so practice dashing then doing it.

  2. You can plink it. You can normal jump and do m~h +L while pressing down.

Practice dashing before you do these. By plinking it you can cross up instant overhead so it’s probably the better of the two. Learn to dash and normal jump with the momentum of your dash, then plink the overhead.

I was adamant that D,U,D was the best way to do it, but i’ve recently converted to the plink method and it’s a lot more reliable and versatile for me now, it seems to come out a fraction slower, but it’s still too quick to really block on reaction.

how do you plink it? =/

basically normal jump Airdash down with M+H ~ L you want to hit the L quickly after the ADD.

Once you get the timing of it, it’ll never leave your fingertips.

Basically practice neutral jumping and dashing down w/o the light input, then start putting in the light just after the dash.
Once you get that, practice it on the dummy either getting hit or blocking, since the timing changes slightly when the opponent is in hit/blockstun.