Input lag when using X-arcade on my PC with emulators

I just got the X-arcade USB adapter for my computer, but when I use it I get about a 1/2 second lag when using emulators. Enough to make it unplayble with fighting games. Anybody else run into this problem? Its weird because if I just press the buttons and watch the output (X-arcade micis a keyboard) there is no lag, but when I use it for say final burn or kawaks, it lags. When I use my sidewinder it works perfectly.

Anyone have any suggestions?

x-arcade sucks…


On the contrary, I find it great for PS2. No input lag at all.

ttt .

shrug Beats the hell out of me, mine works fine.

its probably just your converter

I bought the converter directly from X-arcade themselves.

that’s why it probably sucks.

should have bought one of these its way better than x arcade and uses real happ parts i got one about 1 month ago, works like a charm with emulators, and has no lag of ghosting. the downside is that if you want to use it for other systems its only made with PC support, heck i dont have any consoles so i dont worry this thing is great, and cheaper. If any one is thinking about buying one ask me questions ill let you know more about it.

I use the x-arcade keyboard converter and no problems at all. Never tried the usb one.

Are you talking about this?

How is that different from the USB one? The USB convert that attaches to the x-arcade emulates a keyboard so isnt that kinda the same thing?

I have had a lot of bad experiences with converters, some work with some OSes, some don’t, some work with Dual Shock, some don’t, some work with generic PSX controllers, some don’t. I don’t think I have a single converter that works 100% correctly with every controller type, and OS. OSes in question, Win2K, WinXP Home, WinXP Pro, Windows 98.


Yeah it should be the same thing and the usb should even give you better response. But I use the keyboard ps2 converter and get no lag at all so go figure.

I do get bad input lag on dreamcast so I only use the X-Arcade on my laptop. :xeye:

So you used a keyboard->ps2 converter->x-arcade?

What is your exact configuration and which conveter do you use? I want to try to duplicate your setup.

did u purchase the x-arcade or the convertor like a long time ago? just from what i read the older convertors have that lag. i notice it too.

I purchased the converter like a week ago.

dang :confused: i dunno then. but yea when i had mine it did have lag too and my friends noticed it too. i sold it since. ahahahaa

i recently order an x-arcade and still haven’t receive it yet.
Does x-arcade stick really suck.
Any way i been looking at some evo2k4 vid and found out that some players use the same arcade stick over and over the matches. Are this arcade stick
available for the public.

i had it for about a year. depends what games ur playing. if ur playing like cvs2 (games that are technical) it’s pretty good in responding. in marvel it’s fair it keeps on missing stuff like infinites and other crap.

reason is the buttons and the stick itself is hard and so when u do motions for marvel it comes out a little bit late. u have to improvise. other than that the stick is reliable. when i had it, it was fun using it for roms and such. all in all imo it is worth it because of the compatibility.

i HIGHLY suggest changing the buttons to softer buttons that respond better. if you do this i think x-arcades would be perfect.

Well if you get an X-Arcade change the stick to a comp stick and get convex buttons for it. That’s what I did and it’s a lot better and very easy to swap out the parts. Probably run you like 35 dollars for the comp stick and 8 convex buttons.