Input lag on PS3 --> old LCD Philips 32PF7331: HDMI vs Component at 720p

As I wrote in the title…

anybody knows whether is it better to play Super Street Fighter 4 at a high end level thru hdmi instead component o viceversa ??

Which of the 2 would be better to get rid of some input lag at 720p with my PS3 ??

ps: My old Philips does not have VGA…

also: is it worth, in order to have less input lag as possibile, to change my old LCD with a new I.E. Samsung LE40C550 o Sony Bravia KDL 40ex402 both claimed for about 40ms input lag ??

I do not know the real input lag of my old LCD, maybe at 720p is still faster an old hd-ready besides a new full hd 1080p which downscales with most games running at 720 p on PS3 ?

thx in advance