Input lag on fight stick

Hey everyone,

I just got a new fight stick, in fact my first one, and I have a question.

How can I tell if it has input lag and if it does, how can I fix it? Since I’ve never owned one before, I don’t know how its supposed to perform. For example, I push up on the stick to jump and hear it click but then it feels like it takes half a second to actually do it. The stick I got is the Mad Catz SFIV TE one.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Doubt the stick is lagging. Its possibly your TV if its HD.

does that happen with the normal controller?

More than likely it’s your TV. Check the sticky at the top of the page.

i never noticed any lag with my TV or PS3 controller before. This is the first time I’ve seen any kind of lag at all. Some of the buttons I push seem fine but when I move the stick or push the [] button I notice a difference in the time I press it and a reaction on the screen. i guess ill check out that thread. thanks.

I am also currently experiencing this issue. I have had my stick for a couple of months now and recently when playing my buttons are fine but my joystick on the other hand is not. When I walk my character forward or backward very frequently he/she will not stop but continue walking for sometime before coming to a final stop. Strangely there is no lag when jumping or when starting my character in the direction. I have installed a new joystick and am having the same issue. Any idea and how I can get the part/work needed to fix this?

Thanks Rawr

Edit: could it be the wiring harness? If so can you even replace those? I have been looking around trying to find one for sale but have had no luck.

u can replace the wiring harness but its pointless to do so.

if you have a TE, make sure the switch is on DP and not LS/RS

you might have faulty microswitches in either the buttons or stick