Input Lag Issue with 2DFighter on Vista Ultimate

Hi all,

I have an issue with input lag after building a new computer with a quad core phenom II and Vista Ultimate. I had Windows XP and never had an issue with input with my HRAP2 with Pelican PS2 to PS3 converter. I built my new computer last week and noticed input lag when playing the computer. I brought my stick over to a friend’s place and he has a core 2 duo with XP pro and noticed the same thing which was weird because my Athlon 64 with XP Pro never had an issue. Anyone dealt with this issue before or can recommend any suggestions? :sad:

x64 or x86 os?

Windows by default has lag on all the ps2 -> usb converters. On 32 bit windows it can easily be fixed. On 64 bit however… :confused:

I’m running Windows Vista x64. The XP Pro was x32. I actually used the USB tweaker and noticed no difference when running x32 Windows XP Pro.

There is a very noticable difference playing on a usb connection at a default speed 125mhz vs one at 1000 mhz. You can even see the difference visually by going into control panel and pushing buttons. However, USB tweaker sucks and doesn’t work well. hidusbf is where it’s at, but doesn’t work correctly on x64. AND x64 doesn’t allow tweaking of the usb without disabling hella shit.

So would switching back to Windows XP x32 resolve my issue?

You can keep x64 and do a dual boot with xp/vista 32.

You can also try using a xbox360 based stick instead. It doesn’t use the generic usb driver that runs with lag, it has it’s own driver. I swapped my stick from a ps2 pcb to an xbox 360 one and never needed to change the frequency afterwards.

EFF, which OS are you using?

vista 32, windows 7 64

I was also having that problem with my ps2 stick on my vista 64 bit, but I switch to the xbox 360 TE stick and works well.

i use HIDUSBF with my PS3 TE stick. Have the joystick at 500Hz and it responds well.

dragonjab and Digital, are you both using 64 bit vista?

nah Windows 7 x86 RC 7100 (32-bit)

yes sir, I’m using vista 64 bit.

vista had a framework update that messed with ggpo/2df and other framework applications. I don’t know what the fix is but check your hosts file for abnormalities and look for a framework fix (if that is the problem)