Input Drop

Hey i know im an “09er” and apologies if this has been covered but was wondering if people on here who play much online can answer my query.

I know input drops happen on laggy matches, but ive found it happens to me in matches that dont appear to have lag. This usually happens when i try the dash punches. I know my input is correct because i have no problem with my execution offline.

Im guessing this happens to me more because i live in quite an isolated area with below average broadband width.

Just wondering of other people have experienced a similar thing online and if they adjust their input to compensate for the lag?

Do you play on the PS3 or 360? I’ve noticed input drop is more common for me on PSN. I could have a guy just walk up and throw me while I’m continually hitting for a good half to a whole second before and no animation for the jab comes out. I have experienced some input drop on Live but never for as long as on PSN.

All matches have lag. There is no escaping it. Just brush it off and keep on truckin’.

mango you changed your XBL name?

No, I got the Red Rings of Death for the fourth time and got pissed. It’s still a falling mango.