Inpin Compatibility

I started hacking psx pads for people locally and read that the inpin has trouble with certain psx pads. Which ones are confirmed to have issues? What issues? That way i dont buy anything my friends cant use.
Im pretty sure people that own or plan to buy an inpin will be curious on this too.

You know, there’s a specific thread called the “Controller Converter Compatibility Thread.”

That one might have the answers you seek. You know, before you press the ‘New Post’ button?

You mean the ‘New Thread’ button :wink:

And it’s the digital H/ M you’ll want to avoid
basically the ones without analog sticks

Raeli- your right, i completely forgot about that thread.

Silverwind- so its all the digital ps pads it has problems with? you said the h/m what about the Malaysia and Philippines ? I thought it was only a select few of the digital ones.