Injustice gods among us Superman OP!

I have no idea how to beat a decent Superman i know he is Superman but its a game you can’t have someone that good he’s got a great long/short range game his trait is just amazing lasers easy ass combos great mix ups i’m by no means bad i’m decent myself lvl 54 75% W/L but as soon as a Superman steps in i know its all over any advice cuz i’m struggling
Btw i’m Black Adam aka the coolest guy in the game!

Maybe you should switch to Superman. Then you could complain about how bad he is.

@Chad i have thats how i know he’s so good :frowning:

I can tell you all his mixups right meow and how easy they are to block and if they can be punished.

1/11/111/22 xx swoop (rising grab) Block low, can be punished

223 - block high, can’t be punished

D3 - blow low, can be punished
DF3 (his moving sweep) can be punished on block

Now that we got that out of the way block the fuck low and go high when you see his OH coming, simple shit.
If he ends any combo string with breath don’t fucking attack or I swear to fucking god you will get your shit pushed in, and you will bitch and moan.

If he ends any string with trait cancel, DO.NOT.FUCKING.PUSH.ANY.GOD.DAMN.BUTTON.

Heat vison - Block this fucking shit high so his Meter burn version doesn’t send you flying 200 ft. The only time this shit should ever hit you is if he caught you doing shit.

Heat zap - this shit should never ever dever fucking hit you unless he uses it in a combo. Case fucking closed.

Wake up options:
Swoop, air grab, Breath, MB Breath.
How to stop all this shit? Stop pushing buttons on his wakeup and stop jumping.


If you fight against any zoning Superman player do not low block heat vision. Most will meter burn it and the second hit is an overhead.

lol that made me laugh but thanks good advice i don’t push buttons i just don’t know the timing all that well right now :smiley: you must hae fought you’re fair share of Supermans to know the ins and outs :stuck_out_tongue:

I use him so I know what he can and cannot do.

Block high against super with block push.