Injustice: Gods Among Us; New Game by NetherRealm Studios

well, im making the thread for this game, since no one has posted it here yet

Looks like they updated MKvDC to the MK9 engine.

Maybe we’ll get a crossover MK character.

It looks awesome.


  • It looks 2d
  • I’m guessing those highly cinematic moves (punching into space) are supers
  • The stages are interactive

Batman can kick Soloman Grundy a quarter mile through a building now?

Calling it now, this is going to be as gimmicky a fighter as it gets.

Power classes vs. Gadget classes with hybrids was what Boon had to say in his interview. Hopefully it gets more fleshed out.

tbh a dc universe needs a much more fast paced game than the mk engine

I’m very very disappointmented

They should really consider doing a DC fighting game in vein to what MvC3 is. I think a 2D setting could provide a fresher take than making a MK vs. DC 2.0 game again.

It’s probably going to be MKvsDC, but with a better engine using MK9’s engine.

It reminds me of this.
Granted it might not be 3D, but I seriously doubt it’s going to be a competitive fighter.

dat umvc3 intro

My thoughts exactly. It’s gonna end up Rise of the Imperfects cut with MKvsDC.

And as disillusioned as I am with Capcom currently, I really think going “edgy” and “Mortal Kombat” style for their characters isn’t going to help this commercially. Going full on comic / cartoon styling would appeal to more people IMO.

Sigh, why oh why can’t Capcom or a good company just pony up and get the rights to Marvel vs DC? Split the costs and profits 3 ways and everyone would win huge on the biggest crossover ever. It’d have people buying it who never play fighters, and people buying it just because they’re comic fans.

And seriously, if they’re gonna rip off UMvC3, rip off the art style (even if I do hate 2.5d) or the engine, not just the cinematic.

So sad. I’d love a good fighter with the DCU involved.

No different than the Marvel Vs series in being gimmicky. How can a street fighter or RE regular human character beat characters with the powers of a God!

NRS will be ashame of themselves if they don’t put in Power Girl!

I still think MK9 is a game in the right direction, so I hope they just keep on messing with MK9’s engine.

It’s seriously the closest thing to be a decent fighter.

This is where the art style of a game is a big deal though. If you’re going for a realistic look like this game clearly is, is ridiculous over the top stuff like that from a character like Batman a good idea?

He’s the apex of human potential in strategy and martial arts… I get it. But delivering a Lui Kang rising kick that throws a monster a quarter mile through a building just looks fucking dumb to me.

If it’s just going to be over the top stuff, do it in a comic styled animation IMO, if for no other reason than to pay homage to the characters. But edgy is what’s in (or so NRS thinks) so that’s what they’re gonna get.

I do hope this ends up being a good game, but hopefully there’s more steak than sizzle. It really depends on what they do with the environments I guess. I’ll keep an eye out for info on this, but I’m not holding my breath that it’ll end up a competitive game by any stretch.

Ewww why? Marvel clone is fresh?

Fresh in terms of the animation style and such. Hence why i feel it should be 2D instead of 3D if they’re going over the top with it.

…or so DC thinks, and they’re right. Gritty superheroes sell, and I’ve had enough of the cartoony fighting games. We have SF, Marvel, BB, KoF, GG, (insert anime inspired game here), Skullgirls… do we really need everything to look the same?

You guys are really uninformed.
MK9’s engine IS the MKvsDC engine. The infamous input bug which cannot be fixed isn’t a “MK9” problem but a problem from MKvsDC that moved along into MK9.

So you want their new games to use a brand new engine, not the MK9 one. (I doubt that will happen though)

NRS’s clunky animations are more cartoony and ridiculous than anything on your list.

Those “cartoony” fighting games would be to DC’s benefit to try out rather than going all out edgy with it. The trailer was bland as hell and came off again too much like MK vs. DC.

Batman looks like a damn G’.

this game will out sell Marvel and Sf x tekken and be a fun gimick game…because casuals will get there moneys worth and they know it and NRS has there trust…Mk vs dc sold alot of copies for a game people shit on and created the story formula that brings in 4-5 times the sales of games with better fight systems that made mk9 a sales success

Why? So they could follow in the path of MvC’s tepid sales?

“Hey guys, this other similar product with a cartoon style sold poorly and gritty games sell well… so let’s make a cartoon style game and hope we can change the trend!”