Injustice: Comfortable Button Layout for Arcade Sticks

If you’re using an arcade stick to play Injustice, you probably noticed by now that the default layout makes it an awkward 7 button fighter. Well I have a pretty good setup that makes it 6 button, and there’s no crazy triangular inputs. Not saying i originated the layout, but i did make this on my own and just thought it could help some stick users out.

Light, Medium, Meter Burn
Hard, Power, Interact

It’s practically a 5 button fighter considering the fact that you don’t need the Interact button at all. Example of shortcuts/alternate inputs

Interact = Light + Medium
Super = Medium + Meter Burn + Hard Attack (MUCH MUCH easier than having to press Flip Stance + Meter Burn)
Flip Stance = Medium + Hard

So basically you’ll only need to use 5 buttons on your stick, as opposed to using 7. Hope this helps some people out.

i found like mk with the block button its easier to make the last 4 buttons your attack and gimick then the 2nd lower button your burn meter so you can use your thumb and always leave your thumb over it, makes doing meter burn moves simple and not have to do acrobatics with your usual button fingers, attack buttons ya can set up anyway you like but with meter down and leftside your thumb can do its job an feels natural.

interact grab light medi
stance meter high gimick

like with mk using the last 4 buttons then the block ,easy under your thumb perfect , your thumb rest on the block for this game the meter burn and your other digits aka fingers rest on the buttons, its the most natural for the right hand all buttons rest under a finger

 x  x        lp  rp

x block lk rk


I like having the Light and Hard Buttons set up to throw like AE, and I basically just use

My fingers rest in their natural state, as they would in AE, now I’m just getting used to the layout and how it applies to IGAU. (Might move P [Power/“Gimmick”/Trait] over to the right, so that it’s like GG/BB, but I have to see how the current layout works for me)
I’ll have to see how I’m going to set up MK on stick, as I was using controller. Now that I know PL uses a stick, non-PDP, I’m working on using stick for all FGs.
I was thinking of changing grips for IGAU and MK to have the “wineglass” style, but I seem to have cemented Daigo’s technique to the extent that my grip always goes back to it.
My thought is that wineglass would make MK-style execution (HaHa) more accurate.

I immediately went for a Marvel style layout.

The only weirdness was adjusting to the throw and super inputs, but after about 2 minutes, it was fine.

I use this as well, though for anyone using H under L, is that working out well? Just wondering if it feels more natural to anyone who plays other games. I’ll have to try it myself, of course.

lol at using eight buttons.

Huh, I thought mine was Marvel style as well, but is quite different from yours.


To be honest though, I only use L M H MB P and the rare times I use super I’ll press MB + FS. The rest of the time I just use combination presses.

^^^ That right there. Unless I’m doing a super, most of my play is on the main 6. I don’t even use the throw button, it just ended up there cause I wanted flip stance to be on the same line as meter burn. I just like having the meter burn under my thumb because no powers can be meter burned to my knowledge, making flipping your thumb back and forth ideal while keeping on LMH.

Animu style layout.

A, B, C

EDIT: If I take out the Interact button, I can use this on a 5 button GG stick/panel as well.

Why does MB have to be a 3 button Macro?! (Yosemite Sam mutter under breath)

I always use the MB button to do it, to be honest. Much easier on the fingers.

check this out from TYM:

I use


I think its the default custom 1 on matcatz sticks actully.Works pretty good.The only wired thing was doing the super.You got to do it kinda in triangular shape ( H M MB) but you can get used to it no problem.This layout makes a 100% 6 button fighter.You don’t need the 7 ann 8 buttons at all.

Dunno why more people arent using it.

I am trying to figure out the best way to do this myself. So far I have been running in this manner.

1 2 3 T

After reading the article posted by Tim, I may switch over to that layout. I just feel that my hands work better with the “marvel” set up, since that is where I came from. I just feel that the shortcuts are difficult with my setup for this game.

Maybe I’m being stubborn but I actually like the original layout:

3 P MB F

The only thing I might change is swapping the INT button with MB. I’ve noticed the timing for throws is kinda tricky if you’re using the 1+3 macro. I moved it to the top right corner because I play Grundy and his throw is only useful for breaking your opponent’s throws.

I disagree, I find a more BlazBlue/MvC3 style layout more comfortable.

1 2 3

So it’s like LMHS setup from Marvel and I hit A1+A2 to super. Or A2 to MB (Which I do with my pinky, and I do T with my thumb) pretty natural feeling to me

Why have a separate button to flip stance. It’s mostly pointless in game.

I use:

1 2 3 don’t care
P MB don’t care don’t care

I use the macros for throw, interactible and super