Injustice AMECOMI skins for WonderWoman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn LEAKED!

These are the new outfits I got with the latest update patch 1.03 Injustice

I LOVE the Catwoman and Harley skins!

Wonder Woman…wtf did they do to you…

ow my eyes

I like the Catwoman one, looks a little like Nightwing

the catwoman one is sweet

harley’s is pretty cool

WW is a dude with tits

So Wonder Woman remains unchanged.
Selina is hella sexy though. Mmm.

I definitely need these.

I like the WW one actually, any word on how to get this pack? Although I don’t understand why they released another pack for the “badgirls” when killer frost, black adam, doomsday, sinestro and hawkgirl are still holding it down with 2 costumes each.