Infinites on Sentinel?

I’ve been looking around to see the list of the infinites that charcaters can do on Sentinel. ( I think it’s something like jumping lk, lp, jumping hp, hk, but I’m not sure) I couldn’t find the list when I was searching for it. can somebody show me a list of the infinites that all the characters can do on sentinel? or show me a link if there is already list on SRK? Preeshiate it.

The only ones you need to know are that strider, magneto, and storm can do their infy on sentinel

here’s some characters I want to know infinites for…

infinites on sentinel…
can you tell me these characters infs on sentinel??

omega red
iron man/WM

storm - yes…i HIGHLY doubt that any other one of them could do an infinite, but you could do their other ones, i.e. IM - psylocke assist, j.lp,,, up+hp repeat

EDIT: Ken can, j. lk,, qcbhk repeat

Can you tell me storm’s infinite and magneto too, ( and anybody other than strider’s, I know his). thanks.

Magneto’s is the same ways as strider’s, storm’s is a tad more difficult, but you can do it until sentinel stuns, storms is, tap up, lk(quickly)mk, hp, (pause liek you wuld for lk, mk, hk, AHVB) hk, repeat.

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magnetos rom inf is real easy on sent.

launch, sj. hk, addf lk, lk, land, [sj lk, lk, add, lk, lk,] repeat brackets and do the bracket part fast. timing is the same for all big chars like jugs and bh. for smaller chars adjust timing on the add lk pause lk.

Now, personally, I find Sentinel to be one of the most annoying characters to engage in a combo. Not only does his Super Armor deflect some of my weaker hits, but he assumes the foetal position once I get him airborne in an aerial rave. So, I can pretty much imagine the skill and timing needed to get him, out of all people, to get nailed by an infinite. Then again, Magneto’s isn’t really all that hard to get, and quicker characters with leverage in the air might be able to do the trick…

Ummmm… Psylocke has an infinite on sent too and IMO it’s VERY important to know if you play MSP or any other team with her in it.

sj, lk, lk, adf, lk, lp, lk, hp, hk

storm, lk, hp, hk

lk, hp. nade

psyloke, lk, hp, hk

I listed a few on my site ->

I am still new to the game, but I mad a short list of some of the ones I ofund.

Sakura: J.LK, J.HK, HK Senpu Kyaku repeat

Basic ‘rules’ of infiniting on Sent:
A) Can cancel j.hp into
B) Has a multihitting air move that doesn’t knock down (ex: Air hurricane kick).

Pretty much if a character has either one of those attributes, they can infinite on standing Sent. I’m sure there are some exceptions, but those are the rules I know.

I know Ken can do either j.short j.forward xx air hurricane repeat or j.short j.forward j.fierce j.u+roundhouse repeat. I think the hurricane kick combo ends up doing more damage. Of course, you can switch inbetween those two sets of moves to make it look like you’re doing something different each time.

i don’t think ryu can since his hurrican kick knocks people back.

i’ve tried doing an infiniate on sent with sonson and i couldn’t figure one out. her j. fp is multi hitting and knocks them a little too far to start another jump and have it connect. has anybody tried it with her yet?

If anyone’s ever stumbled upon a Cammy inf, even just a corner one, that would be hot.

i almost found a spiderman one, but 1) it’s sent only, 2) it’s rediculously hard… then… 3) it only goes for 3 reps then it’s doesn’t work…

it’s…,, xx sj, webdash, xx jab, hp, land, repeat

There is a cammy inf in the corner.

goes like this., b+hk, tigerknee hk cannondrill, [, b+hk, tigerknee lk cannondrill] repeat brackets.

I’ve had confirmation of the Sonson Sent-inf… but still haven’t actually seen / done it. x_x

You have the cancel the j HP in the j HK. That’s about all I know.

tron jon

that goes for just about every sentinel infinite

yeah, but sonson’s j. fp is a little different. IF it works, she’d need to cancel it really early whereas other people you don’t need to cancel their attack since it’s one hit.