Infinite floodgates opening

TAC Infinite playlist via GAF -

First Trish, now Mags


All sides Mags infinite:

Modok, Dante, Nova, Phoenix, Dorm, Hsien-Ko, Storm, Task, Doom, Haggar, Frank, X-23, Iron Man, RR, Strange, Chun Li, Sentinel, Magneto, Trish, Spider-Man, Hulk, Jill, Thor, Morrigan, Ryu, Ammy confirmed; updated 6/29.



What I don’t get is how these work exactly. As we know TACs cap hitstun but as soon as your character touches the ground the hitstun returns to normal. I was thinking this might have some glitch where it doesn’t register you on the ground if you’re holding up and rejumping straight away or maybe it involves you recovering from an air normal while you land and instantly cancelling that into the rejump and it not registering you on the ground. Seems like if we figure this out, everyone’s gonna have an Iron Man MVC2 infinite…

I think it has to do with air dashing. So far we have only see it work with 2 air dashers. Trish and Mag. I’m wondering if it works with characters who don’t have a flight and/or some sort of tri-dash.

Somebody call Desk.

Wesker better have one.

How I get those videos to play?

Fixed it.

Good. Good!
Let the broken flow through you!
Resist all potential patches.
You can’t deny your roots!
Become like your father!
Become like mvc2!

They will not survive

You are nothing to me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awwwwwwwwww yeah!

Doom has wallbounce/super long ground bounce w/ TAC fchamp practicing

I feel like the tier lists will change…a lot. Perhaps the new god tier will be Trish, Doctor Doom and Magneto.

So whats the best way to practice an infinite combo? Forgive me if the pros out there think this is a dumb question…

Mortals are so weak!

Yeah but trish’s loop doesn’t involve airdashing at all. It’s [J.M, J.H, J.df+H, qcb+L, J.M, J.H]xN. The airdash or flights at the beginning seem only to be for getting the opponent at the right height to start the loop.

By going into training mode and comboing a dummy…

My sunglasses are custom made. Your new god deserves nothing less but the best quality.

Cross fingers this exploit will give a couple of characters a new lease on life.


lol love how they screwed that up…In a good way.

I don’t think the tier list would put those three that high because of this exploit. Chun has one and I recall hearing she’s low tier.