Infinite Damage Milking

Since damage scaling kicks in after a few rep of the infinite, I was wondering how to get as much damage out of it as possible. One thing I’ve tried is:, c.sp, s.rk /\ sj.u+fp, ad.down,, ad.u+fp,, j.sp,, j.u+fp, s.rk /\ sj.u+fp, ad.down,, ad.u+fp, infinite
It does a bit more than just doing the infinite straight after the setup, and you can sometimes get a reset at the second s.rk with:
s.rk /\ sj.u+fp, ad.df, ad.u+fp
Any other tricks to squeeze more damage out that you want to share?

my infinite setups are…, c.lp, sj.cancel,, ad/u, sj.lp, sj.up+fierce…do it until like low-mid fourties…then proton cannon., c.lp, launch, neutral fp, ad/df, lk lk, up fp, land, infinite until time to proton.

there is no need for the resets dawg…IM is a beast by himself…if you got a good triple team combo, sometimes you could do that so that you could kill off what normal proton cannon wouldn’t u know? so that u could still have IM on point for the next guardbreak.

if you’re talking about resets a pretty good one is XX d+hk (knee dive, land on opposite side) relaunch into infinite setup again - one little problem is that you usually won’t get them into the corner for the easy Proton Cannon finish unless you reset twice lol

corner throw resets are also quite ok, just don’t give them the chance to roll out

Resets are the shit, yo. They cut the time to kill, so if Ironman is trying to make a comeback it can save your ass.

i guess if u say so…if u ain’t got enough time to kill them the old fashion way they should be lookin for resets

Yeah, the only time I really use resets is if I don’t think I’ll have enough time for the standard way (or if I just wanna be fancy).

Ironman is too slow to resets like Mags can…plus if you can get the Proton Cannon into the inifinite, they’re pretty much dead anyways, so there’s no point in trying to reset it.

That was what I was about to say. Just do the infinite till the corner, and finish it with a s.fp, proton cannon. It’s well worth it, even though you won’t milk that much out of the long infinite.