Infinite Combos

In american version of Street Fighter Alpha Anthology… Street fighter alpha 3 and street fighter alpha 3 upper even HSFA is it possible to still perform infinite combos?

How about the on the ground command throws in vism? i try to do the on the ground command throw when you trip them and in vism mode you do the 360 throw but i constantly get a whiff??? is my timing off or did they fix the glitches in the anthology version of street fighter alpha 3?

I’ve been able to perform infinites with Chun Li in the American version of Alpha Anthology Alpha 3.

I was able to finally pull Vism Sagat’s infinite in Alpha 3 and Alpha 3 upper today:rock:… still can’t get it to work in HYper SFA though:grrr::mad:… it must be my timing…

were you able to do the command grab loop though for example zangief, juli, Birdie vism grab loop… I constantly get a whiff.

on the dreamcast i have no issues though…

otg’s are possible though they might be a dipswitch option. It’s been a long while since I played.