Inf to corner

Been wondering this for awhile… Why do most people do the standard inf to the corner and then fp xx proton? Seems to be that light repulser blast xx proton connects in more situations (i.e. isn’t corner only) and seems to have an easier rhythm ( no need to vary your last inf rep or two)… to top it all off… if you blow an inf rep and they get the block off but you still repuler xx proton… it can actually GB if done with the right timing.

I’m sure this is all far from new to anyone… but Ive always found this easier and been left to wonder is there some advantage to fp xx proton… that I’m not aware of? Both are 100% on your average character…

didn’t we already have this thread? you don’t need change timing anymore than s.hpxxPC. into corner sets up GB for next character. s.hp is just better/safer all around and probably sets up the same, if not more, damage for the combo.

Most people do the hp/PC because its quicker command timing. Think, would you rather do a qtc move then PC? OR just press hp then PC? Its easier…
And, the repulsor bounces them towards you, then knocks them back, then the proton, it doesnt take the same amount, because the butt of the cannon doesnt connect.

But, if you like that version (which I can see why), then continue doing it that way. What you should do if youre gonna repulsor into pro, is mix up your infinite, to try to alter the damage when you finish.

I found a place for the repular xx pc tho… Do the late version which will carry em backwards over your head… IM turns around and does PC… helps if you want to DHC to something that is better off hitting midscreen than in the corner.

Really only comes into play against sent, juggs, collosus, hulk and maybe gief. Other toons don’t have the stamina to live through just doing inf to corner, s.hp xx pc…

Ive been working on inputing more hits at the end of the inf/PC. When Im about to finish to PC, I hp, mid-screen fly, lk, lp, up+fwrd hp, Magneto, unfly, reset infinite, hp/PC. Its a cool way to alter the infinite patterns. I usually go for about 20 hits or so, then go in to the rest for the finale…

Also, (Im sure you know this already) another good way to alter the infinite is launch, land, reset. Start out o/ground infinite for about 15-20 hits, then- hk, lp, lk, lp, lk, fwrd+hp, landing, hk, jump in + lk, reset infinite…

Another way (still in progress) is to start infinite for about 10 hits, while youre jumpin for next hit, lk, add( which will cross over), lp, lk,>>>infinite

Those are some cool ways to have more colorful infinites, instead of the whole “watch & wait til finish” dragged out infinites.

Tagging light or medium attacks into an inf based combo is not a very good idea. You might get style points for it… but you will do less dmg due to scaling. Infs are always best off with as many feirces as you can jam in.

Either doing inf to corner then proton cannon… or doing inf to corner… reset… inf… is gonna be the way to go.

Tho sometimes I will finish the inf with launch and do a magic series, fly magic series, air grab, throw into doom rocks in the corner… and then go to wtver… but its more for showing off than winning.

Of course…
But I dont like 40ing to Proton, its too sluggish. I like to alter the infinite, like Mag cross under reset. I do the 40 most of the time, but Im always looking for ways to confuse or catch the opponent off-guard. Its safe, and auto-kill against opponent, but I feel like Im avoiding a battle or something doing the 40, understand? Overall, its the best way to kill off teams, and g-breaking the incoming character, but Im always trying new things. Also, just because you miss or whiff on possible cross-ups, its not the end of the world (or match…lol).

yes, it’s sort of dumb to try for a lot of reset’s off IM’s infinite. but that’s I like to do flashy combos with IM’s infninite. stuff that a lot of IM players can’t do or mess up. you still bring them to corner and can still kill. But if you’re playing to win, all this reset talk is just silly.

but if you’re just a casual player, well hey, do what you do.

madtitan: what’s better off hitting midscreen? most of the time you can adjust so that you still hit midscreen facing the corner, which is always the best position for you to be in.

Of course, trying A LOT of resets is foolish, and may cause a momentum shift. But, like at the beginning of a match, it can be very effective. I dont do it to show off, I do it to add versatility and confusion to his tactics. Of course its not the same effect as Magneto’s (with his speed and all), but it just looks so cool to execute cross-ups and all with IronMan. Against a top-notch opponent, its not a good idea to try different things, unless you have perfected or have confidence in your execution. Often, youre not playing money matches or tourney matches, so whats really the downfall in trying new things…

you said it looks cool…but you said you don’t do it to show off?

inf to 40 to death is more effective, beginning OR end of match.

mostly…a lot of these things with are NOT new things. they’re old…but also very slow too. of the few new things I’ve seen, most wouldn’t catch your opponent twice if even that.

I can agree with that. Exploring new stuff and trying it out against your buddies in casuals… is not only fun and provides variety… but it’s probably also how some of the best strats in the game where devised/tested originally.

beats: was just saying repulser xx proton hits midscreen more easily. Only time I really do it is when I land an inf on sent. I know inf to 40 and finish with pc wont kill him… but inf to 40, reset, inf to 20ish xx proton will… problem for me is my best reset lands me going the other direction. Repulser xx proton has helped me land death even if they wind up midscreen.

I also found you are correct… and they don’t have to be IN the corner for fp xx pc… just semi near it. I know midscreen you can also use a well timed standing jap, xx proton to end the inf… but I only get it bout 1/6 tries.

Just because it looks cool doesnt mean you do it to show off. Thats a personal appeal, NOT an objective to show someone up…pssst

I do the 40, but I also do other things. Thats one of my artistic ways in fighting. I dont know why you guys tend to twist my words, and make it like Im giving bad advice or something, use common sense. Anyone who plays the game, and has solid skills, will not do foolish things in a heavy match. I practice these things, to incorporate it into my gameplay, NOT to be sole source of a gameplan.

It wasnt from a tourney or heavy casual aspect, it was from just playing at arcades or just…playing the game. Common sense is an attribute we all possess, in which we as MvC2 players have to have a great amount of intellect to be competitive. With that said, rarely will someone do things that can cost them a match. But then again, dont be afraid to try something new on your opponent, you’ll find that trying new things in a match creates more confidence, which you feel you can execute those basement moves, that you practice in training mode, on an actual opponent.

lol the biggest word twister here (and the biggest “ignore specific points that addressed specific parts of your post” too) is blaming me for it :rofl: and you have given bad advice before, whether serious or not.

if you think it looks cool or slick…then yeah, you’re showing off. sorry.

So, if you do 40, hp, proton cannon, thats showing off? Or, Magneto infinite, cross-up, Psylocke, reset? Or Sentinel unfly? Or IronMan unfly? Or Storm corner infinite? If what you call showing off was actually showing off, then most MvC2 players would play with Capcom players instead, because remember you said you shouldnt do things that arent the right thing to do in a match, calling tactics foolish, remember? Dude, that didnt make any sense. You think Im the same guy I was when I first started posting. As you can see, the advice is humble and respectful, where I honestly am trying to give these guys advice to help their game. I see whats happening here, youre kinda mad that you where fooled by that previous 9 you could just “prove wrong” in earlier post. Im here to help guys out, man, not argue with you. Ive put that in the past, of course, it was all fun & games. So, when you actually feel like discussing the game itself, then we can discuss it. Until then, I’ll continue helping guys out…

I hope this doesnt get me in trouble, Im honestly trying to help this time around…

no it’s not showing off. neither I nor anyone else think those basic combos/resets it looks cool or slick…there goes your argument.

while you’re trying to give your advice, you were the first one to start getting off subject on the game and talk about word switching. no, this should not get you in trouble as you’re trying to be respectful…but you’re both talking about the game, and not. and now I’m dragged in to it lol

just trying to tell you how your posts look to the peeps who read it.

ironman sent psy

Beats how do u beat a iron man, sent and psy team with mag, iron man and psy or doom. :wgrin:

well first you need your execution at it’s best. because you need to make sure you kill IM with your clean hits and you need to make sure you do not mess up one bit in the process, otherwise it will be easybake infinite to death…then IM/doom (or psy) has to deal with the rest of the team which is already a jank counter to IM (sentinel)

now I have a question for you, how do you beat a mag/im/doom (or psy) player when his execution is at top notch (for some weekends it is) and he perfects you and/or 300% you off 1 hit and doesn’t give you a chance for easybake infinite? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bet you guys dont…

inf/repulsar beam/ dash/ otg/ air combo ppl :slight_smile:

of course we don’t, because it’s stupid lol. and entirely rollable…