Indy brawlers beat-em-ups news, info etc

brawler / beat-em-up = double dragon, final fight etc
fighter = Street Fighter, tekken etc

Yes we all know about Beats of Rage anyone else found anything good? plz discuss, thnx

So far I have

Double Dragon Fists of Rage
Awesome 7.9/10

Retro Fighter/ Retro Fighter 2/ Bruce lee game WIP
quite decent, def has potential can even be modified 6+/10

awful 3/10

**Ragnarok Battle Offline ** (RBO)
Is a scrolling RPG brawler for Microsoft Windows created by dojin soft developer French-Bread. It is a homage to/spoof of the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. 8.1/10

It even has expansion packs.


Download Links:

The Rage:
3d Streets of Rage made way back when in 2000, still quite good and 4 players over a lan. 7.7/10

Age of the Beast WIP
Same ppl who made Beats of Rage, looks decent even vids available.

Streets of Rage Remake WIP
Played the demo it was alright 7+/10

Great thread. Indy sidescroller scene is really good right now. I’ll post up a bunch more links and info soon. :tup:


Thanks Crayfish :slight_smile:

Hard Streets - Renegade remake
I haven’t actually played, but I’ve heard it’s decent, can’t even find a working download for some reason?

Rage of Magic

The demo is currently being beta tested on an indie forum so the demo should be up soon for public download.

Zombie Smashers X2

Zombie Smashers X

A River City Ransom inspired beat em up.

Little Fighter 2

I think Stage mode makes this a beat em up but some people might consider it more of a fighter.


Yeah I forgot about Zombie Smashers it’s okay I don’t really like it at all like 6/10 it just feels weak for some reason? Am I wrong? Anyone else? 6/10

And little Fighter 2 is quite nice but it feels a bit random, like 7/10 if only it had more structure and extra modes.

As promised :slight_smile:

LOTS of resources here:

and here:

Cool site with some nice fan made sprites:

Hope this thread runs:tup:

I’m playing the games on my PC and the sound won’t work for any of them. There’s always a message at the bottom of the screen that says it can’t play the music files. Wassupwitdat?!


try the bor evo network forum I guess?

can anybody email me the hard streets file? I’ve tried and for some reason it won’t dl no matter how hard I try proxy or something? :frowning:

this thread rocks, thx guys

if RBO is on the list, the melty blood and efz should be on there too.

But anyways, seeing as rbo is on the list, lets not forget beats of rage and age of the beast when it comes out.