Industrialization-Ultimate Iron Man Guide:UMVC3 (Extremely In depth)

I’m pleased to bring you technology I have discovered with Iron Man. Ultimately i think he is an upper class character. Enjoy!


This is great stuff, but I’m going to move it to the proper forum for you.

So gdlk it needs to be in the proper forum TWICE.

Oh hey look a 40 minute Iron Man tutorial, this is sure to be full of great-

Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights.

why the FUCK does every video have this? I’LL WATCH IT ON MUTE GODDAMNIT JUST LET ME SEE THE VIDEO. It’s not like I can’t just go download the fucking song if I wanted to hear it. WHICH I DONT ughhh
time to google for some shitty proxy service or something, if I’m successful then I’ll edit this with something nicer to say lol

edit: ProxTube is my new favorite Firefox add-on. Watching now:tup:

edit2: goooooood shit my man! I’m definitely going to be spending a lot of time in training mode. This video gave me a lot of terrible ideas. Terrible in a good way that is. A couple of complaints, cause I’m a jerk: The font was kind of hard to read, especially with the color and the background. And ending every combo in Smart Bomb + Assist, Repulsor, Assist, Repulsor, Super got a little repetitive. No biggie though, I mean that’s what the seek bar is for right?
All in all, really helpful video, I hope it inspires others to put in the work with Iron Man as well.

Also, really GEMA? 4 minutes of Drake is the reason I had to jump through hoops to watch this? REALLY? Pardon the terrible expression, but that’s fuckin gay

This has just made my day. Literally. Gotta go sit down and watch this when I’m not at work and brush my Iron Man skills up. Nice job!

Great tutorial, Hope it makes a few people pick up Tony or not see him as trash. Love the soundtrack.

Hey, great vid man!! Lots of great stuff!!
There are some stuff I see you have missed. But damn mad respect for this vid!!
If u want to pm me mayb I can show u some stuff if you want.

Although I just posted this in the video’s comments, I’ll post this here as well;

“[LEFT]OK 3 points I have to make;[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1. You instantly won me over with the new Stark Industries tridash system. That shit is ridiculous[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2. Tony does look VERY strong after watching this. Do you think he is still worthy of being an anchor?[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3. I lol’d at the end with Flash.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Awesome video.”[/LEFT]

wow great video, hopefully it’ll encourage more iron man players

Hey man great vid! I couldn’t stop watching it. MORE PLEASE!!

And I had no idea Joker was on the forums either. One of my favorite Iron Man players to watch!