[inb4rape] a Brawl+ Combo Video


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This video has been in the works for the past 6 months. You can believe how much effort it took to make this video happen. Whether it was going to smash fests, or even holding them, the dedication and effort to make this video was always there. The process also involved my project files going corrupt, deep into my editing process. Yeah, my computer pretty much *** raped me.

Thanks go out to Painted Ghost, Eugene, Distructo, Stos, Phoenix, Holy & Minus for raping me, Gi for helping us host a great Brawl+ tournament, the Toronto/Niagara smash scene, and the Brawl+ online community.

This video contains the 4.1 Plussery and several nightly builds, and also several 4.2 nightly builds. Both Roy and Marth were used in the video.

[What is Brawl+?]

Brawl+ is a project pioneered by the smash community with the intent to make Brawl a deeper, more balanced competitive fighter. The Brawl Plusery utilizes codes compiled within the Workshop Backroom to afford enhanced gameplay with features ranging from the removal of random tripping to the addition of more hitstun and new advanced techniques.

For more on Brawl+ and how to install it, go to:
http://brawlplus.net/ &

“New Style New Order” by DJ Eggz
Used with permission.
& Yes, it’s Eggz, the Melee player from Pac West.

Download Link:

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Edited with Sony Vegas 9.0

To be honest, the editing process only took 2 sleepless nights, which was only about 5%(?) of the whole process. Gathering the clips took a lot longer T_T.

Have any editing questions? Feel free to ask me.

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5 star!

Hope you enjoy!

I did enjoy!

Good stuff =D. I can’t wait to update to Brawl+, been out of the scene for 2 years. Great to see the community is still active.

Thats a great vid. Keep up the good work!

Awesome work, I’d love to see more of this kind of stuff.