In your garbage and your computer screen!: The Rocket Raccoon Video Thread

You can post some videos here if you like, I’ll try to update as frequently as possible.





Youtube Channels:

Bro i appreciate your attempt or whatever but with your join date and that you will not update this i advise you just delete it before the shitstorm starts.

Why do you automatically assume he won’t update it?

Well Expect Tons of videos From me On day 1.
Arcade Mode Runs, Ranked & Player Matchs. everything.
It’ll be low quality but im working on getting some recording equipment
Heres a link to my youtube channel.

k, added that

take off the ?feature=mhee part.

also you joined ‘this’ month. should let someone else make this thread…

Don’t worry someone else will.

So ive been in the lab and I found out rr so he can instany overhead into combo here is alittle vid I took with my phone

Link doesnt work I think mgvfinest

Yeah it didn’t work for me either. Just take the last part and switch it with another youtube url

sorry guys try this im going to post another one because i forgot to put him in crouch lol but it works just fine i promise*

Not sure if anyone has discovered this yet. Rocket “SkateDashing.”

Post that technology to SRK, that’s completely new stuff.

But…this is SRK. D:

I mean post that up in front page SRK ;), you should seriously show that vid to Keits. A lot of people might not know that Skate Wavedashing is faster covering the screen than his normal wavedash.

How does I shot w-

I mean…

How do I show it to Keits? Twit-tag him on Twitter? Or PM?

Here’s some of my awful day 1 Rocket Raccoon online play.


considering , the very little I’ve seen you prob have the best rocket lmao

nice burrow mixups

Here are some from me. I tend to record videos that I lose. (And I was talking during these matchs. which is awkward)
-Note- My Team is Viewtiful Joe, Rocket Raccoon, & Vergil.

For some reason I get nervous when im recording matchs.

Found that RR is capable of ridiculous throw resets off of like ANYTHING. Gonna try see if I can get them up somehow!